Women in Business videos

We have been working with Pandora on a variety of project for the last few months. Those projects run the gamut from documentary style, branded content campaigns with big artists to more humble conference style talks at Pandora HQ. We’ve posted about the former, but not the latter so this post will be about them. One very cool job that we’ve done for Pandora is video coverage of their Women in Business series. For those, the internal “Women in Business” group brings in female business luminaries to share their experiences. JADED’s role is to shoot the video, edit them, and put them up on the web for further viewing. We think the talks are a great service for a company to provide its staff. Even better, they share the videos we produce publicly so that anybody can watch them. Check some of them out, they’re definitely worth watching.

Lisa Kavanaugh, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ask.com interviewed by Amanda Conti for Pandora’s Women in Business Series.

Kellie A. McElhaney delivers her talk called “The Lioness Factor” at Pandora Headquarters.