Yay Life Tribe with Tucker Gumber

We’ve decided to do a series of interviews with people we find interesting, entertaining or inspiring. A quick, 5 question interview that introduces people to other amazing people. This series will be varied, unscheduled, and semi-haphazard… but it will be awesome. If you have a name you think we should use to brand this baby, let us know. OR if you know someone we should feature, hit us up.

Our first, and inaugural interview is with Tucker Gumber of Yay Life Tribe. Check out more info on their Facebook Page… almost 1200 people are fans. Enjoy…

What is Yay Life Tribe? It’s a movement

The Yay Life Tribe was started to give awesome people a place to unite and appreciate life together.

Yay Life is not just a saying or a motto, it’s a way of life. It is a decision you make every night before you go to bed that you are excited for tomorrow. It is a decision you make every morning that you are going to have an awesome day. Yay Life is used in making every decision through the day and passing on your love of life to those around you. The Yay Life Tribe is a growing group of people who believe that being happy is a decision you have to make for yourself. Once you make this decision and become positive enough the people around you will want to make the decision to be happy as well. The goal of this tribe is to make the world a better place.

Tucker Gumber
Job Title: Chief

TeamJADED (TJ): How did you get this awesome job?
Tucker Gumber (TG): I started the blog as a way to remind the world that it’s ok to be happy. It has since morphed from a blog into a movement. We are even shooting a documentary about it.

TJ: What is the best aspect of your job?
TG: I love telling people about our message. People seem to get really excited when we say we want to change the world. I also love selling Spirithoods because them make everyone so happy.

TJ: Describe a favorite project you worked on.
TG: We are only 10 weeks in so everything is still a project.

TJ: What are some words of wisdom, advice, or best practices you’d give to others in your line of work (either something someone told you, or something you’ve learned along the way).
TG: Believe. You need to completely believe in yourself and everything you a doing. Once you totally believe the whole world will fall into place.

TJ: If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?
TG: I’m actually doing it. Reminding the world that life is awesome has turned into my biggest passion.

TJ: What’s your favorite snack food?
TG: I love trail mix! Especially if it has chocolate chips!

We’ll leave you with this tasty pic.