Johnnie Behiri’s Rig

DSLR Rig’s are like Erector Set’s and we’ve been getting a lot of compliments on our 7D rig from Redrock Micro. That made us curious about what other shooters are doing, so today’s DIY Friday is the evolution of Johnnie Behiri’s ENG rig from the Vimeo DSLR Mods and Pimps Channel. The music is awesome.

Gear in this vid:

Camera rig: Vocas​
Mattebox: Vocas​
EVF (Electronic View Finder) Cineroid:​web/​eng_ind
Microphone: Hosa tech​product/​365837/​QENG-KIT/​_/​ELECTRONIC_NEWS_GATHERING_MICROPHONE_KIT
Audio recorder: Tascam DR-100
Camera light: Rotolight:​

TeamJADED the month that was… with Toy Camera!

We wrapped a long term corporate project at the beginning of  August, and then planned to spend the rest of the month chilling in the city.

You know, not doing much but sipping beers and maybe watching our friend Johnny’s DJ set on Tuesdays.

But of course, we couldn’t really take the month off, (luckily) jobs keep coming. So enjoy the recap with crappy Android phone pics processed to look ultra cool (debatable) with Toy Camera!

The first job to creep in was Wednesday Tech Talks at Pivotal Labs. Our friend Glenn usually does this job, which is a pretty straight forward, one camera shoot of a developer-type person saying things that are way over our head. Glenn had a similar idea about August regarding time off, except he did it right and left town. He asked us to fill in for him at Pivotal, and we thought sure that will be a simple gig. It was.

It also gave us a chance to use the A1, which has been getting rather neglected with the introduction of the 7D into our workflow last year. We also got to use the Ki Pro Mini, to speed up the post-production…

And in a bout of pure gear nerdery, we employed our Redrock Micro, and zoom for some innovative cross room audio for the Q&A sections.

Next up on the block was our buddies at Roughneck Hardware’s shoe release party. We decided to “document” for posterities sake, with no intention of turning around an edit… but we liked the footage so much we cut it the next day.

Then our friend JT hit us up about a job with Blurb. He’s been working with them, and they needed a couple of videos produced for their Photography Book Now competition. JT was heading to Burning Man, and going early to document an artist. So we stepped up for him and knocked that shoot out.

That’s all our gear on California St. outside of the Blurb offices.

The Wednesday pivotal shoots kept coming and then we landed a shoot with Pandora yesterday, filming Raphael Saadiq doing an in office performance and interview.

The Pandora shoots we’ve been doing are awesome and we were happy to do it. We had to plan some careful logistical maneuvers to get out of Pivotal in time to get to Pandora, but it all worked out. We got to use both A1′s for the Pivotal shoot, the 7D for Pandora, and bring in our friend Ben from Panhandle to run another angle.

(We lied that last pic came from Ben’s 5D.)

A pretty good day all in all. Now we’re editing that video and totally planning to take next week off. Yeah right.