Pandora: Work at Pandora in Oakland

This was an incredibly fun recruiting video that we produced with our friends over at Pandora.

SFMOMA On the Go Explainer

We produced this video for SFMOMA. It sets up SFMOMA On the Go and incorporates user generated reactions to the museums temporary closure for renovations.

MediaOne Sizzle Reel @mediaone_live

Check out this sizzle we cut for our friends MediaOne Services over the 4th of July.

If you watch it… you’ll notice that, yes, that is Rachel Maddow.

Women in Business videos

We have been working with Pandora on a variety of project for the last few months. Those projects run the gamut from documentary style, branded content campaigns with big artists to more humble conference style talks at Pandora HQ. We’ve posted about the former, but not the latter so this post will be about them. One very cool job that we’ve done for Pandora is video coverage of their Women in Business series. For those, the internal “Women in Business” group brings in female business luminaries to share their experiences. JADED’s role is to shoot the video, edit them, and put them up on the web for further viewing. We think the talks are a great service for a company to provide its staff. Even better, they share the videos we produce publicly so that anybody can watch them. Check some of them out, they’re definitely worth watching.

Lisa Kavanaugh, Chief Product and Technology Officer at interviewed by Amanda Conti for Pandora’s Women in Business Series.

Kellie A. McElhaney delivers her talk called “The Lioness Factor” at Pandora Headquarters.

Tori Amos vids with Pandora

On Wednesdays we like to give updates about what we’re doing. Click the image above to check out a series of videos we edited for Pandora and their Truvia, Moms Who Rock campaign with Tori Amos.

In other JADED news, we just got back from Thanksgiving in Louisiana where we hung with family and ate way too much awesome food. Now we’re deep in two more Pandora projects, plus a job with Institute for the Future. We’re also still working on Rolled, It’s a Rough Life, and we’ve got proposals in for a a couple more projects (more on that later). Looks like it’s going to be a busy holiday season.

JADED Sizzle Reel

This is a sizzle reel for JADED featuring videos produced before 2011. It’s meant to be fast, fun, and to communicate the scope of what we’re capable of with an emphasis on Branded Content, Serial Programming, and Non-Fiction.

It features work written, produced, shot, or edited (and in many cases a combination of all of the above) by Abby and/ or Jeremey. It includes work produced as staff at Nick@Nite and TV Land, Current TV, HarperCollins, and Seesmic. It includes client work for Bank of America (iB5k), ESPN, Causes, Current TV, Supercharged: The Life and Times of Tim Brauch, Institute for the Future, Roughneck Hardware, and DWNTWN Skate Supply. It also includes clips from independently produced projects including Make it Happen: DIY Across America, It’s a Rough Life, and Roughcutz Da Movie.

Full list of videos below:

One Ride
Current TV: Sisterz of the Underground
DWNTWN: Tenderloin
Roughneck Hardware: BART Tour 2010
Make It Happen: Chuck Perkins and Voices of the Big Easy
Roughcutz Da Movie
Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest
HarperOne: Tales of Wonder by Huston Smith
Bank of America: BUILT NYC
Bank of America: White Memorial Hospital
Bank of America: Adams and Central
Bank of America: Butte College Workforce Development
It’s a Rough Life The Gift of Giving Roughneck BART Tour 2009
Atlas Skateboard Store
Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch: Open/ Web Promo
Nick@Nite: Brady Weekend Promo
Institue for the Future: Future Cal Courts Employee Orientation
HarperOne: Mariel’s Kitchen by Mariel Hemingway
Current TV: Current@Bonnaroo, SuchNSuch
Seesmic Cafe
Unboxing on Seesmic
Yahoo! Current Action Buzz
Thrasher Bust or Bail 2008
Make It Happen: Lowcard
Current TV: Invisible Children, Displace Me
Seesmic DuJour
Make It Happen: Okay Mountain
Make It Happen: Austin Craft Mafia
Institue for the Future: Cal Courts Justice Chronicles
Current TV: BlakkBox, Kidnapped

The track is “Callin’ Out” by Lyrics Born from the album Later That Day

Roughneck + Circa Footwear Shoe Release

Circa Combat Unit released a Roughneck Hardware version of the Ramondetta Pro Model shoe for Roughneck’s 13th Anniversary. We caught up with Johnny Roughneck at the shoe release party on August 13th at DLX skate shop in San Francisco and got him to the show off the shoe for us.

Produced and Shot by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremey Lavoi with a Canon 7D using a 35mm Zeiss f2.0 and a Canon “plastic fantastic” 50mm f1.8.
Edit and Finished by Jeremey Lavoi.

It’s a Rough Life Episode 3: Roughside of Utah Finale

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

In Part 3 of Johnny’s adventure to Salt Lake City, the “Rough side of the Traxx” heads to the Wave, but the Roughneck crew has a little trouble on the way. Eventually the skating goes off at the Wave, and then the contest rolls to the U where the Salt Lake City skaters take turns throwing tricks down a big set of stairs. After the last spot it’s off to the afterparty behind the Fice Boutique for the winners ceremony.

It’s a Rough Life Episode 2: Roughside of Utah Pt.2

In Part 2 of Johnny’s adventure to Salt Lake City, the “Rough side of the Traxx” contest gets started. But not without some drama with one of Johnny’s Sales Reps who shows up riding the competition’s product. All the riders head out and we get to see chaos on train and the first spot, Dead Goat Ledge.

It’s a Rough Life Episode 1: Roughside of Utah Pt.1

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

Johnny flies to Salt Lake City to host “Rough Side of the Trax” — his event where kids barge the trains to skate spots across the city. In this episode we see behind the scenes leading up to the event, check out his Utah digs, meet the SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake Underground) crew, and get hyped for the event.