Pandora Presents SUPER Sizzle

This is a sizzle we cut together from Pandora Presents event spots. We edited all the videos used in this sizzle as well.

Pandora Presents: Portugal. The Man

The last couple days we cut three videos for Pandora. It’s a pretty cool series called “Pandora Presents” where Pandora (along with Budweiser) put on a free concert for fans of the band. Basically, if you make a Pandora station for, let’s say “Portugal. The Man” and you live in the city where they’re hosting the show… then they’ll send you an email and you get to go see that band for free. Rad, right? This was their second concert in New York City with Portugal. The Man; the first was with the band Dawes in Portland, OR. Check out the spots by clicking the image below. Yes, since it’s brought to you by Budweiser, you’ll have to put in your birthday. So as long as you were born January 25th, 1991 you can watch these. And with that statement making me feel old, go watch some videos:

Pandora Presents: Portugal. The Man

Part of the fun with this project was the Color Correction / Grading. Exciting times with Magic Bullet! We were going for a dreamy, saturated look. What do you think?

Before& - After

TeamJaded Color Correction & Grading