TeamJaded wins Telly Award in Documentary

We won a Bronze Telly Award in Documentary for Make It Happen: Lowcard. That piece has gone a long way for us. First the Skate Film Festival, now a Telly. We can’t wait for our statue.

Thanks to Rob and Rhea and the rest of the Lowcard crew. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to Thom Blythe, I’m sure your awesome intro graphic had something to do with woo’ing the judges.

Make it Happen: Lowcard

The Lowcard mini doc to end all Lowcard mini docs. It premiered at the Skateboard Film Festival on August 14, 2009 and was awarded a Bronze Telly Award in 2010

If you don’t know what Lowcard is, then watch and learn.

Make It Happen is a series of short documentaries about creative projects that started out DIY. This is the first one.

Shot, Produced, and Edited by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremey Lavoi.

Music by Hightower, Hottub, Mothership, and Bad Strip

Open animation by Thom Blythe

Magnet on the Radio

…And in the spirit of promoting interviews with our homies… enjoy.

Lowcard is ReadyMade


Some of our former Current TV peeps have started “a creative cooperative of multimedia producers with the intention of advancing the causes of rebuilding media, stable employment and fulfilling work for all.” It’s called Schmooru. Expect to hear a lot more about it in the weeks and months to come.

In the meantime, Schmooru has started a youtube channel for the purpose of showcasing pilot projects from Schmoos. We shared Make It Happen: Lowcard with the crew. So please watch it again, and give us some hits… also enjoy these other Schmooru related videos.

Make It Happen: Lowcard Documentary

Finally, the long awaited Make it Happen #1! The Lowcard doc. This video premiered at the Skateboard Film Festival, August 14, 2009.

Thanks to the Lowcard Crew, Shrewgy, and the bands.

Music by Hightower, Hottub, Mothership, and Bad Strip

Open animation by Thom Blythe

Skate Film Fest Road Pictures

These are photos from our road trip up to Seattle for the Skateboard Film Festival.

NorCal Coastline

Our friend Zach’s mushroom growing job in Eureka.

Our friends Kyle and Kim in Portland, they put us up for the night.

Burnside. Nuf said.

Our friend Jake Landry’s band Slimpickins playing at Pike’s Place in Seattle.

Abby getting ready for the Festival.

Skatopian Limo

The dude from Fuel TV’s Daily Habit who interviewed us on the red carpet.


After party at Seattle’s Marginal Way DIY Park.

Turns out Abby owns a pizza place in Medford, OR.

Skate Film Fest

Make It Happen: Lowcard premieres at the Skateboard Film Festival in Seattle, at 5:50pm, Saturday August 15. Click that link to buy tickets in advance. It’s the first public showing of any of the Make It Happen docs!

We are headed out tomorrow morning, road tripping from SF to Seattle for the Festival. If you’re in the Seattle this weekend, please come down to the festival and say hi. If you live between here and there, we’d love to hang out with you and your couch.

If you are in San Francisco this week, be sure to head to DLXSF on Thursday 8/13 for the Lowcard/C1RCA shoe release party. It’s from 6-9pm.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Festival happenings. In the meantime, here are a few trailers of films we’re looking forward to watching.

Lowcard Doc @ Skate Film Fest

(Edit 8/28/09: Inserted full mini doc in post)

Our Lowcard Documentary is officially premiering at the Skateboard Film Festival in Seattle August 14-15.

Be there.

MIH: Lowcard is in the Fest!

Make It Happen: Lowcard is in the Skateboard Film Festival! It will be premiering there in Seattle August 14-16. We’re psyched!

The Trailer is up on their site right now!

Thanks to Lowcard, Shrewgy, In the Gnar, and Eastern Boarder Nashua for posting the trailer!