Make it Happen: Lost Film Fest

This video was produced for our Make It Happen Project.

Make It Happen is a series of short documentaries profiling creative people pursuing their dreams through projects with DIY roots.

We wish that this documentary came close to capturing the carnival atmosphere of activism and underground culture swirling around Scott and Liz. If they ever roll through your town, you must check them out. Until then, enjoy.

Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest on Youtube

This morning we uploaded Lost Film Fest to Youtube… in two parts. No more videos longer than ten minutes on the Tube. I have to say that it’s now official, we prefer Vimeo. Check out our Vimeo Page and the new Make It Happen Channel.

On the upside, Youtube didn’t strip the audio. If you like the Gogol Bordello song in the first part, now you can click and buy it. It’s the last song in the video though, not the first.

For a full list of credits click here.

Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest

This documentary encapsulates a couple of nights we spent following around Scott Beibin and Liz Cole of the Lost Film Fest/ Evil Twin Booking Agency. It features shows at the Bubble House in Philadelphia, PA and the Change You Want to See Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC.

The video was produced for our Make It Happen Project. Make It Happen is a series of short documentaries profiling creative people that are pursuing their dreams through DIY projects.

Thanks to Scott Beibin and Liz Cole for letting us stick cameras in their faces, for setting up shows, giving us access to a plethora of films and photos (and for being patient).

We wish that this video came close to capturing the carnival atmosphere of activism and underground culture swirling around Scott and Liz. If they ever roll through your town, you must check them out. Until then, enjoy.



Jeremey Lavoi and
Abby Berendt Lavoi


Thom Blythe


Goran Bregovic
Karmen (With a Happy End): Uvertira

Sonic Ahmed
Balkanbraz: taal ja hurrieh

Dub Works: High Volume

Tacheles Klezmer Company
Balkan Reggae: Bukarest

Gogol Bordello
Gypsy Punk: Think Locally, Fuck Globally

Plasma Raygun
Here Comes Plasma Raygun: Our Country

Fanfare Ciocărlia
Balkan Beats Vol. 1: Dusty Road

March of The Zapotec and Realpeople Holland: No Dice


PAC MAN by Remi Gaillard

The Manipulators by Clare E. Rojas and Andrew Jeffrey Wright

We’re Getting Ready: RNC Welcoming Committee Trailer by The RNC Welcoming Committe

The Yes Men Fix The World by The Yes Men

Clip from The Great Muppet Caper

The Voice by Johan Söderberg

Why Can’t I Be President? by Darren Garnick

Pie Fight ‘69 by Christian Bruno & Sam Green

Koichi Toyama (外山恒 ) Speech for Governor 2007

World of Evil by TV Sheriff

What Barry Says by Barry Mcnamara

Breaking the Spell
by Tim Lewis, Tim Ream, and Sir Chuck A. Rock

A – TEAM Solidarisiert Sich Mit Besetztem Haus

So You Want to Be… by Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly

Jerry Springer: “Secrets Come Out”

Van Jones Interview, March 13, 2009 by Gregory Greene & Monica LAM

Bike Kill

Runaway Slave starring of dead prez & Young Noble of The Outlawz directed by: James Wade &

The Horribly Stupid Stunt by The Yes Men Rico Barco in “I’m not Stealing…” by,

Lost in Making it Happen

That little blue progress bar represents how close we are to uploading Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest. It’s been a long time coming.

We’ve been stealing an hour here (and a week there) to work on the project between paying gigs. We’re hoping that one day the trickling of videos will become a down pour. Until then, enjoy the Lost Film Fest screens below. The video is coming shortly. For more information about the Make It Happen Project click here.

…And if you don’t feel like clicking, you can watch “Make It Happen: Lowcard” (An official selection at the Skateboard Film Festival) right now:

Stay tuned for Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest.

Lost and Found

Just in case you thought we forgot about the Make It Happen Project think again. Scott and Liz from Lost Film Fest, stopped by our house Wednesday night (on a brief S.F. detour on their way back from Burning Man) …and they hooked us up with a TON of awesome footage and stills for Make It Happen: Lost Film Fest. In fact, way more than we could ever use. Thanks guys, you’re awesome.

The Tundra Tapes (MIH 30)

NYC was fun, but after working long hours and spending almost all our money, it was time to go back south.

We headed toward Lake Charles, but on our way stopped one last time in West Philadelphia. We needed to do sitdown interviews with Scott and Liz (of Evil Twin Booking and Lost Film Fest).

Scott had some amazing words of wisdom about DIY culture, and Liz gave a very insightful look into starting Evil Twin, and well… making things happen.

On our way out, they hooked us up with mad amounts of Steaz Energy Drinks and Raw Revolution Bars… Thanks guys! After that we had to check out how a TRUE Philly Cheesesteak tastes. A bit counter to the good vegan food they just gave us… Sorry guys! But we headed to Geno’s and Pat’s, the two famous cheesesteak places in the city (according to the Internet).

We’re pretty sure they’re not the best in the city (they were semi-decent)… we should have asked a local. Oh well, now we know.

For the next two days we drove straight down south. We stopped in Harrisburg, PA and Chattanooga, TN on our way back to the Chuck. The leaves were beautiful. We arrived just in time for Thanksgiving.

After a week of trying to relax, but working the entire time, we headed to Greeley, CO. With a planned stop in Oklahoma City, and an unplanned stop in Colby, KS, we finally (and surprisingly safely) made it to Abby’s hometown.

So now, you’re basically brought up to date. We’ve been working hard to ingest hours and hours of footage of everything we shot, with hopes of getting new videos to you soon.

We did have a chance to go look at the crazy lighted house the other night. They’ve been doing this since Abby can remember…

Anyhoo, stay tuned. We’ve got a lot more to share with you, and we’ll be hittin you up with more stories of people who Make It Happen.

46th and Bliss (MIH27)

We have experienced almost every season within a month. From wearing tank tops in Austin (Jeremey would like to point out that he did not wear “tank tops”), to triple layered sweaters in NYC… it’s been pretty seasonal to say the least.

After we said Adieu to Scott and Liz of Evil Twin Booking (who are currently in Europe!), we headed over to Sunnyside, Queens.

There we drove around for a bit, found a parking spot and unloaded all our gear. Abby’s old roommate Meredith was kind enough to let us crash in her apartment for a few days. Let it be known that Meredith was MORE than kind, as this apartment is a studio… with two residents (thank you also to Whitney!). So in a one-room apartment, four people crashed. It was like being at camp when you’re a kid. It was awesome.

NYC was our furthest stop up the east coast, with two shoots planned. The first was with ABC No Rio, “a collectively-run center for art and activism- known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture formed by artists committed to political and social engagement.”

We were super psyched to cover this story. However, after two months of non-stop work on the road, our bodies and minds were failing us. We knew if we shot this story, it would not be up to par. After a long discussion we determined we needed a break. We talked with the fine people at ABC No Rio and decided to postpone shooting until further notice. We did however stop by their facilities, meet some rad people, and check out their art exhibit and ‘zine library.

Check out some of their affiliated projects, as well as their site:

ABC No Rio
Books Through Bars
Food Not Bombs
The Lower East Side Biography Project

For a couple days Abby showed Jeremey around her old hood. She took him to the famous Sunnyside Arch…

… and made him to eat Baklava in Astoria and try bad Mexican food on Greenpoint Ave. For a couple of days, we rested. It was like we actually had a weekend. We sort of forgot that people have weekends.

But have no fear; we jumped right back into Make It Happen the next week. Stayed tuned, as the NYC fun doesn’t stop there. Find out what it’s like to schlep bags across the city, eat a $15 dollar sandwich, and Do The Awesome with our next shoot…

Lost in Philly (MIH 26)

…And now back to Make It Happen. We hope everyone’s holiday was filled with overeating.

When we left off we were in New York, but we hadn’t told you how we got there. So let us tell you all about our brief experience in Philadelphia which is where we headed after D.C… to West Philly to be exact, to meet up with Scott Beibin of the Lost Film Festival.

Lost Film Fest is a traveling multimedia extravaganza focused on Pranking Corporations, Activism, Culture Jamming, and Social Commentary.

Scott Beibin is a D.I.Y. extraordinaire of sorts. In his life and travels he’s been an activist, run a record label, made ‘zines, traveled the world with his festival, and right now in addition to Lost Film Fest he also co-runs Evil Twin Booking Agency with his partner Liz. They book events for people like the Yes Men, the creators of The Corporation, former members of the Weather Underground, and even musical acts like Dead Prez. And that’s not all… he also markets organic and natural foods companies like Steaz Energy Drinks and Raw Revolution. Scott’s quite the busy guy.

We met up with him at his house in West Philly, which was a little overwhelming for us. Scott resides in a fairly large, historic feeling house that’s overflowing with strange knick-knacks and memorabilia that he’s accumulated over the years. The place radiates with memories. Apparently it was the spot to crash for traveling bands in the nineties and has also been a hub for Scott’s activism and his many projects. There was so much to look at that we never quite got our bearings… or even remembered to take out our cameras…

From Scott’s house we headed over to Evil Twin to pick up Liz…

…and then to the Bubble Lounge for a special Lost Film Fest performance set up just for us.

We hadn’t seen the show before so we weren’t quite sure what to expect… and even now we aren’t quite sure how to describe it. Scott hosts the night cracking in with jokes and commentary between short films that range from mock conspiracy theories to transgender comedies. If the show rolls through your town, you’ve got to check it out.

The next night Scott and Liz set up another show for us at The Change You Want to See Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… so we headed up to NYC for a second mind-boggling round of Lost Film Fest. The Gallery was pretty packed out and we were happy that so many people turned out for the show. We met a lot of cool people and had a great time.

The kids who owned the Gallery even offered to let us crash there for the night, but we needed to check in with Abby’s old roommate Meredith in Queens, so we parted ways with Scott and Liz… and headed into the wilds of New York City. For now we offer a sincere thank you to Scott and Liz for their enthusiasm about our project.

Stay tuned for updates from NYC, a new vlog coming soon, and round two with Scott and Liz on the way back to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

The heat goes on… (MIH4)

We’ve been reaching out to quite a few stories these past few weeks- from Austin to NOLA to NYC. We’re really psyched about some of the responses we’re getting, and looking forward to meeting the people behind the emails. One of the stories we just recently contacted is the Lost Film Fest. Jeremey and I have yet to see the spectacle ourselves, however, we know this is going to be an awesome shoot. Scott, the mastermind behind Lost Film Fest said they’re in the process of booking a pretty solid show (with some amazing attendees, but I’m not sure if we can disclose that yet!). We’re hoping to line up our schedule to sync with the performance (which will be in Philly). That means we wont be shooting this one until mid-November, but time will fly.

On a side note, a few weeks ago we made a quick trip to LA. It was here we discovered our air conditioner didn’t work in our two-week-old (used) car. You NEVER need AC in SF, so for those two weeks we were oblivious to the impending heat-monster-Honda. But let me tell you, while driving south on the 5 with the windows down, we were not happy campers (I actually hate the term “Happy Campers”. I apologize for using it). So our car is in the shop right now… think good thoughts that they will fix it (cheap) and we wont have to sweat our way across the country.

Only 11 days ’til we hit the road.