Johnny Roughneck on TV? Like, TV-TV?

On a whim, we submitted our webseries, “It’s a Rough Life” into the New York Television Festival’s History Unscripted Development Pipeline contest. They were searching for unscripted treatments about  a charismatic male character who lives in a surprising world and has fresh points of view. Sounds like Johnny Roughneck to us… The lucky winner gets the chance to develop their entry into a network pilot and also receives a $10,000 cash prize.

To our excitement, we are semi-finalists! And our fingers are crossed.

Want to know more about the show? Wanna see what the big deal is? Check out this sizzle reel to get the rundown on everything “Rough Life”.

You can watch all the episodes here.

We’re proud to be in the running with our fellow semi-finalists [listed here below]  –  may the best pitch win!

  • Antique Garage: Created by Michael Kasino – New York, NY
  • Blood Brothers: Created by Will Cunningham and the White Plains Rugby Club – New York, NY
  • Cleveland Art: Created by Jeannine Denholm – Cleveland, OH
  • Crash Junkies: Created by Steve Garrett and Jeff Steinborn – Nashville, TN
  • The Full Monte: Created by Steven Matty – New York, NY
  • Hackers Created by Sean Skelton and Manny Kivowitz – New York, NY
  • Harlistas: Latino Rider Journeys: Created by Alfredo De Villa – Brooklyn, NY
  • Heli Hog Hunters: Created by Bil Arscott – Dallas, TX
  • Larson Legacy: Created by Jenn Larson – Mora, MN
  • Reenactors: Created by Angela Harrer and Andrew Eldridge – Newton, MA
  • Rocky Mountain Cowboys: Created by Nathan Stoll – Creede, CO and New York, NY
  • Sap Wars: Created by Hilary Weisman Graham and George Cilley – Francestown, NH
  • The Wise Guy Singer: Created by Sal Manzo and Aaron Weiss – New York, NY
  • Wreck Hunters: Created by Gary Simson and Andrew Giacometti- Los Angeles, CA

History Channel Shoot with Sony F3

On Thursday Jeremey DP’d for a day of shooting interviews on a History Channel Documentary about drug culture throughout the ages. He learned some really interesting things about psychedelics, and got to meet Timothy Leary’s personal physician. You’ll have to wait for the show to learn more about all that. Here’s some production stills.

We used a Sony F3 for the shoot, and it was Jeremey’s first go round with Sony’s answer to the high end DSLR Hybrid camcorder. We’d love to spend some more time with the camera, but first impressions were good. It’s fairly small (not much bigger than an HVX) which is positive. The menu/ controls weren’t completely intuitive, especially the white balance, but the lens was awesome. We used the Sony 85mm T2 lens. Smooth focus and aperture. We’d love to take it out again.

Our buddy Deniz Demirer was also on the shoot, pictured here adjusting the boom.

In addition to a Kino key light, we used a Lite Panel LED as a fill. These lights are (literally) cool and light weight. They’re easy to set-up, and great in small spaces… BUT we find they leave a little to be desired in the intensity department.

San Francisco skyline through the F3 view finder.

All in all it was a good shoot, great to work with new people (Adam Barton, the director), and to hear some interesting interviews. We’ll keep you updated about the project as it edges towards airtime on History Channel.