We’ve been working with Google through our pals at Media One for a few years now, but we rarely post the Talks@Google that we produce there semi-regularly. Here’s a few talks we’ve done in the that past couple of months.

Patton Oswalt
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Amanda Palmer
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David Peterson on Dothraki (Game of Thrones)
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Several of these were shot on Sony A7S cameras, which is a departure from the Canon DSLR set-up that has been our standard since we started working with Google. With the Google Talks we’re always shifting rooms from one shoot to the next, with minimal setup time for bringing in lights. Therefore it’s important to keep a light footprint and have versatile gear. The Sony A7S, with it’s low light capabilities and paired with an Atomos Shogun for 4K on the master shot, has been a great improvement to our workflow.

TeamJaded & Google: Help for Hacked Sites

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the TeamJaded blog. We’ve got so many projects in the works, 2013 is shaping up to be a fabulous year. Most recently we wrapped up shooting on location in Austin for Pandora’s South by Southwest four-day showcase. Interviews, performances, and verite style doc shooting/ producing. Tons of fun.

We’ll post more on that later, but first we want to announce the launch of a video series we did for Google. Officially located here: Google Webmasters Help for Hacked Sites.

It’s a 14 video series to help webmasters regain control of their website if they’ve been compromised by malicious content such as malware, spam, and phishing.

You can read a few articles about the video series from:

Google also posted a few notices across their platforms. You can check that out here:

It was such a pleasure to work with Maile Ohye, Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead. We’re psyched on how they turned out and give props to our fabulous animator, Timothy Palmer as well as Danny Skarka at MediaOne.

Here’s the overview video:

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Jake Shimabukuro @Google

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been hectic! Collecitvely, in the last few weeks we’ve been working with MtvU, Google (MediaOne), Science Channel (Oddities), Pandora, StoreFront doing political ads, and Canon; as well as attending meetings at SF Film Society and SFMOMA. Lots in the works. In the meantime, enjoy Jake Shimabukuro ripping it up at Google. (We made that!)

Peter Gabriel: “Back to Front”, Talks at Google

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Check out this talk with Peter Gabriel at Google. We worked on it with our awesome partners over at MediaOne. It’s featured on the @GoogleTalks page! Peter Gabriel!

Junot Diaz @Google

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We had the opportunity to shoot a talk with Pulitzer Prize winning and MacArthur Fellow recipient, Junot Diaz at the Googleplex on September 14th, 2012. Check it out.

Thanks to our friends MediaOne for bringing us along, and thanks to TJ Walkup for running second cam. Diaz was at Google promoting his new book, “This is How You Lose Her”, you can read it here. Moderated by Rick Kleffel.

Brad Bell and Jane Espenson – Inventing Television

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As some of you know, we’ve been filming Talks@Google with our friends over at MediaOne. This the most recent one to go live. Check it out.

TV writer Jane Espenson (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time), and Brad “Cheeks” Bell spoke at Google about their online sitcom, Husbands, just days after the start of the second season. The critically acclaimed series is a fresh take on a Vegas marriage, and features guest stars from Joss Whedon shows, including Joss himself, and from Battlestar Galactica.

Jane spoke earlier this year at Google, when Husbands was still in its first season. Now, Jane and Brad share many more insights about what has and hasn’t worked with their successful, self-started YouTube series, and what it spells for the future of online TV. In Brad’s words:

“Together, Jane and I combine ready-made and complementary high-level insights. Having been completely immersed in the realm of new media entertainment this last year, we’ve learned much more, both as creators and as audience members. It’s brought to light a fresh vision about the future of content development online — how it’s being done right, how it fails, and how it can thrive.”


Many sites are going dark today to rally the internet and help stop PIPA & SOPA. What are these acronyms, you ask? And why should you care? Reddit has a quick breakdown and some good links to help get your brain wrapped around it quickly. Here you go.

We also suggest you read an entertaining article from Chuck Wendig over at TERRIBLEMINDS. Here’s a good snippet quote:

Writers and creatives — again, as individuals — have a lot of opportunity in the Internet Age, in part due to the innovation and distribution the Internet offers, in part due to the social media that connects us all. Harming these by harming the Internet then harms free expression. And that’s no good.

Just to be clear, in case you don’t realize what it means to give corporations power over censorship and the subject of artistic originality, please cast an eye no further to the MPAA, whose arbitrary and often insane ratings of films put out by the film industry help stifle creativity and the craft and art of filmmaking. You really want that kind of control over sites like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, Wikipedia?

No, you do not.

~ Chuck Wendig

Image of Sites Going Dark for SOPA & PIPA - Homepages


So Who’s Down Today?

Here’s a list of sites that have provided informational links explaining SOPA’s issues, or will go partially or completely dark sometime today, in hopes to raise awareness by its users, exhorting them to action.

Google CopyBlogger Internet Archive
CreativeCommons Daily Kos BoingBoing
RackSpace Firefox O’Reilly
WordPress Electronic Frontier Foundation MakeZine
Vimeo ICanHazCheezburger IgniteShow
Flickr Wired Reddit
Mashable xkcd Wikipedia
TechCrunch Tumblr LiveCulturesWeb
Gizmodo Twitpic
The Verge Tucows
GigaOm School of Informational Studies, Syracuse Univ.
Gawker Pop Culture Madness
VentureBeat ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
Michael Moore