The 56th San Francisco International Film Festival Sizzle

In 2013 JADED Multimedia was a technical sponsor of the San Francisco International Film Festival. We had the pleasure of attending and covering the festival. This is the promotional trailer that we produced for the San Francisco Film Society from that coverage.

55th San Francisco International Film Festival Highlights Reel

Check out the highlight reel from @SFIntlFilmFest and @SF_FilmSociety. It features our work as the Scoop team for San Francisco International Film Festival. It was edited by Ben Zweig. We had a ton of fun at the festival. Thanks to all who were involved with bringing us on, and everybody that we worked with. We’re looking forward to lots more.

Wrapping up the @SFIntlFilmFest with the @SF_FilmSociety

The last couple of weeks have been incredible. Without a doubt, we at TeamJaded have had more fun than we could have ever imagined. Working with a fabulous team from the SF Film Society, including Ben Zweig, Linda Butler, Michael ReadJoslyn Thoresen, Joanne Parsont, and too many others to name, we created the daily videos titled “Scoop du Jour.” See a handful of the fruits of our labor below. Click the image at the bottom to view ALL the videos! All the videos were shot by Abby Berendt Lavoi, Ben Youngerman, and Jeremey Lavoi, (with a couple of shots by Deniz Demirer) and edited by Ben Zweig. Also thanks to Dalan McNabola for hooking us up.

San Francisco International Film Festival Scoop du Jour Homepage

San Francisco International Film Festival

For the past week we’ve been working with the @SFIFF (that’s the San Francisco International Film Festival in case the title of this blog didn’t tip you off). We’ve been enlisted as the “Scoop DuJour” team, filming daily wraps of the festival events. If you haven’t been out to catch a few of the films showing, here’s some trailers that may get you interested. Go celebrate film! Or, as the slogan this year is: “Rediscover Cinema.”

Before you start settling in with your popcorn to watch all the fancy trailers below, check out the SFIFF promo our friend Dalan McNabola did along with Ben Zweig (who we’ve been working with all week on the Scoop vids).

Here are just some of the sampling of what you can see at the festival. Check out the schedule here.

SXSW 2012 Film Bumper: Theater Bum

YouTube Preview Image

SXSW is finally getting the 2012 film bumpers up on the web. This is the first and one of our favorites. Now enjoy it like we did, preferably with a margarita (kicked back in the Alamo Drafthouse).