Pandora: Work at Pandora in Oakland

This was an incredibly fun recruiting video that we produced with our friends over at Pandora.

Late for Work: It’s a Rough Life Season 2, Episode 7

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

Johnny meets back up with BART Tour at Karl Watson Day/ Hood Games at Town Park in Oakland. Then it’s back to the city for the last session at Potrero Park and the after party at Hotel Utah.

SFMOMA On the Go Explainer

We produced this video for SFMOMA. It sets up SFMOMA On the Go and incorporates user generated reactions to the museums temporary closure for renovations.

Pandora Presents SUPER Sizzle

This is a sizzle we cut together from Pandora Presents event spots. We edited all the videos used in this sizzle as well.

Pandora: Dr. Dog at 25th Street Studios

MediaOne Sizzle Reel @mediaone_live

Check out this sizzle we cut for our friends MediaOne Services over the 4th of July.

If you watch it… you’ll notice that, yes, that is Rachel Maddow.

Pandora Discovery Den @sxsw presented by IE9

Check out the videos we worked on with our friends at Pandora at SXSW 2012.

We’ve got a to give a big thanks to our friends on the Pandora side who brought us in for this project. Thanks to Dan Gahr, Fhay Arceo, and Victoria Sevilla. It was a pleasure working with them as usual. It was also great working with the rest of the production and post teams, including our friends Ben Youngerman, Peter Stoddard, and Tim Palmer.

We had a great time at SXSW, especially producing these branded documentaries at the Pandora Discovery Den. Notable occurrences, Jeremey got sick with the flu during the first day of production.  Then Abby came in strong with her DP skills on day two to pick up where he left off. She knocked out two solid shoot days like a champ. Then we camped out in Baton Rouge at Jeremey’s Mom’s house so he could rest up, and so we could edit four of the spots. Those spots included the two K. Flay videos, Capital Cities, and the Dunwells. Now we’re back on the road headed for SF.

Good times.

Women in Business videos

We have been working with Pandora on a variety of project for the last few months. Those projects run the gamut from documentary style, branded content campaigns with big artists to more humble conference style talks at Pandora HQ. We’ve posted about the former, but not the latter so this post will be about them. One very cool job that we’ve done for Pandora is video coverage of their Women in Business series. For those, the internal “Women in Business” group brings in female business luminaries to share their experiences. JADED’s role is to shoot the video, edit them, and put them up on the web for further viewing. We think the talks are a great service for a company to provide its staff. Even better, they share the videos we produce publicly so that anybody can watch them. Check some of them out, they’re definitely worth watching.

Lisa Kavanaugh, Chief Product and Technology Officer at interviewed by Amanda Conti for Pandora’s Women in Business Series.

Kellie A. McElhaney delivers her talk called “The Lioness Factor” at Pandora Headquarters.

Stand-Up for Vacation

Check out this series of videos we cut for Pandora over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s four spots of New York based comedian Mark Normand telling jokes about the joys of office work and how to get out of it. The videos were produced by Pandora for a branded content campaign with jetBlue.

In other JADED news, we’re going to be finishing up the rough cut of Rolled in the next two days. Whit is planning to send a version of it off to SXSW on Friday. Cross your fingers.

The season finale of It’s a Rough Life goes live tomorrow. It’s one of our favorites, and involves somebody getting inked. You won’t want to miss it. It’s also got a special :30 second “next on” teasing the new season that starts with the epic 2011 BART Tour. The new season starts early 2012. In the meantime, we’ll be working on getting our pitch together.

Tori Amos vids with Pandora

On Wednesdays we like to give updates about what we’re doing. Click the image above to check out a series of videos we edited for Pandora and their Truvia, Moms Who Rock campaign with Tori Amos.

In other JADED news, we just got back from Thanksgiving in Louisiana where we hung with family and ate way too much awesome food. Now we’re deep in two more Pandora projects, plus a job with Institute for the Future. We’re also still working on Rolled, It’s a Rough Life, and we’ve got proposals in for a a couple more projects (more on that later). Looks like it’s going to be a busy holiday season.