The Power of Editing

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the complexity and power of editing stories. However, this video does a lovely job.

Free Rough Life party @SXSW RSVP

If you haven’t heard, we are premiering Season 2 of It’s a Rough Life at SXSW on Monday, March 12. We’re throwing the party at the Yellow Jacket Social Club, which just so happens to be partially owned by our great friends Shannon LeBoeuf and Amy Mullins. The party is a happy hour from 4-8pm. Johnny Rough is spinning records. We’re going to show the first episode of the new season, play the first season in its entireity, and maybe another special vid. RSVP HERE.

We’ve got to give a special shout out to Shrewgy at Ace Skateboard Truck Mfg, for hooking us up with trucks to give away. Stunner of the Month is also making an appearance with a grip of new, special stunners. Our friends at SLUG Magazine in Utah came through with boxes of mags for the swag bags as well (Thanks to Angela, Karamea, and Eric).

We also have to thank Abita Brewery for donating beer. They’ve been super easy to work with, and we’re psyched to have them at the party. (Special thanks to Megan for making that happen for us).

The Original Moonshine Whiskey will also be in the house for all those looking to imbibe on some high end spirits. They’re free! We made that connection through Sponsorfied. Check it out if you’re throwing a party.

Come to our party if you’re in Austin! No badges! We want to see you there. Come drink with us, hang with Mr. Roughneck, and watch lots of Rough Life new and old.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks using all our spare time to get the party and premiere ready. That included a solid week of reaching out to sponsors. Oh my god, is it hard work to lock down sponsors? Yes. Can we say crickets? Well we rocked it anyway.

Our crazy rush to the finish also included a marathon four day shoot of spinal interviews and pick-ups with the RNCK family.

We couldn’t have done it without Mr. Ben Youngerman who not only spent a solid day shooting with us, but donating his 5D for the remainder of the shoots.

Ben is awesome. He’ll be at the party as well. Say hi to him and say hi to us. We’re editing the episodes and tying up a few loose ends now. Wish us luck. We can’t wait to hit the road for ATX! See you there. RSVP.

Pandora Presents: Portugal. The Man

The last couple days we cut three videos for Pandora. It’s a pretty cool series called “Pandora Presents” where Pandora (along with Budweiser) put on a free concert for fans of the band. Basically, if you make a Pandora station for, let’s say “Portugal. The Man” and you live in the city where they’re hosting the show… then they’ll send you an email and you get to go see that band for free. Rad, right? This was their second concert in New York City with Portugal. The Man; the first was with the band Dawes in Portland, OR. Check out the spots by clicking the image below. Yes, since it’s brought to you by Budweiser, you’ll have to put in your birthday. So as long as you were born January 25th, 1991 you can watch these. And with that statement making me feel old, go watch some videos:

Pandora Presents: Portugal. The Man

Part of the fun with this project was the Color Correction / Grading. Exciting times with Magic Bullet! We were going for a dreamy, saturated look. What do you think?

Before& - After

TeamJaded Color Correction & Grading

Editing Rolled the Film.

The last month or so we’ve been working on our friend Whit Scott’s film, ROLLED. It’s been an incredibly fun and entertaining adventure editing this project. We just handed Whit the first rough cut of the film, and he’s starting to enter it into film festivals. We’re excited to see what happens! We’ll keep you updated on Rolled, but if you want first-hand info go LIKE the Facebook Page and/or sign up for the email blast.

Without giving too much away, here are some screen grabs from the editing…

TP group Whit was in.

The guys from the TP group the year Whit was in it. From left to right: Whit Scott, Kevin Manwarren, Mike Orton-Toliver, Matt Jones

Whit Scott and Matt Jones

Whit Scott and Matt Jones. Yes, that is Badger from Breaking Bad. He and Whit have been friends for a while. Also, notice Matt's mug is pretty apropo for the season.

Whit. He is the guy behind the camera. Literally. Well, in this shot he is. Rolled is his film.

This is Whit Scott. He is the guy behind the camera. Literally. Well, in this shot he is. Rolled is his film.

Looking at archival photos.

Here Whit is looking at some archival photos with... someone.

Just some TP.

Just some TP.

Rolled featured in the Claremont Courier.

Rolled was featured in the Claremont Courier.

Editing Timeline

This is just two of the scenes in the editing timeline.

A TP'd tree.

A TP'd tree. That is all.

FCP X the Freak Out Continues!!!!!

First we have to say that we have not yet downloaded Final Cut X. Why? Well, we use our edit stations to do client work, and we cannot afford to have a piece of untested software go and screw anything up with our current projects.

Best case scenario we heard (in an excellent Creative Cow Podcast with Walter Biscardi and Richard Harrington called, Why We Can’t Use Final Cut Pro X at Our Companies) that FCPX will not overwrite Final Cut 7, but it will turn the icons of all your Final Cut media into Unix mystery files that can’t find their way home without a right click. That is just completely unacceptable. So while we keep researching (and looking into installing a clean drive in the empty bay of one of our MacPros to test this puppy out) enjoy this:

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the Cow forum for all the gossip and whining.

Also Steve Martin and Larry Jordan put out great first look blogs.

For now all we can say is that the interwebs are aflame with edit pros in full panic mood. There’s lots of talk about switching to Adobe Premier, Avid, and Vegas. What seems clear is that Apple has released a brand new app that has little relation to the Final Cut Pro we’ve all grown to know and love. You can’t even open up old Final Cut projects inside of it. (You can import iMovie though…???) Some people are saying it’s clean and fast, but the main verdict is that it lacks any ability to collaborate (and operate) in a professional editing environment. In CANNOT speak to any other software, no EDLs, no XMLs, just lonely Final Cut Pro X.

We’ll see how this goes. It looks to us like Apple is going to let the pro market go elsewhere and continue with it’s strategy of flashy consumer products. We can’t say more until we put our hands on it though. Stay tuned.

Key Framing Stills

That is a frame from our After Effects CS5.5 project where we’re key framing a lot of stills in a series of videos we’re working on for a new client. We even downloaded the trial version of CS5.5 (we’ve been running CS4) so that we could take advantage of all 24 gigs of RAM we have pumped into to our newest Mac Pro and we are loving it. We also had to (re)buy a plug-ins package that we had installed in CS4, but went kaput with the 64bit upgrade.

This job is different that many that we produce, because it is so heavy on stills rather than original video. It brings us back to the days of Google Current, when Jeremey literally spent 12 hours a day doing this kind of work. It takes a special skill set (and a lot of compositing) to make stock photos fun to watch, and we hope we’ve accomplished that here.

These are a few screens from video 4 of 4 (we know they don’t have quite the same effect when they aren’t in motion).

This project has been fun because we’ve been able to work with several good friends (and talented folks).

We’ve got a pro graphics guy working on the heavy lifting animation for all four videos, but the meat and potatoes animation of stills for the last two is all being done in house. This project has us booked solid for a little while longer… we’ll keep you posted and let you know when it’s wrapped.

I The Pro Res Maker

YouTube Preview Image

If we haven’t posted this already we should have. This was a viral in the post-production world a few months ago. It was made by a couple of editors at Beast Editorial in SF. They gave a talk about it at the FCP Users SuperMeet and seemed like cool guys.

Final Cut Editors anthem. Get down with ProRes.