Pandora: Work at Pandora in Oakland

This was an incredibly fun recruiting video that we produced with our friends over at Pandora.

Pandora Presents SUPER Sizzle

This is a sizzle we cut together from Pandora Presents event spots. We edited all the videos used in this sizzle as well.

Pandora Presents: Theophilus London

Click that image to head to a series of videos we edited for our friends at Pandora. This round of Pandora Presents features Theophilus London in Chicago. Another great Pandora project.


Flash Tetris

Play The Scary Maze Game at

That’s what our workload is like right now. So apologies for the slow updates to the blog. We’re juggling about nineteen different video projects including work for several of our favorite clients as well as Rough Life and our first Documo specific contract. It’s awesome, but hectic. Stay tuned.

Another great Pandora project: Walk the Moon

Click that image and follow it to Pandora Presents: Walk the Moon. We’ve been editing the Pandora Presents series, and it’s been tons of fun. The Walk the Moon videos have some great moments like a a trip to Amoeba in LA with the band. They get into some of their favorite artists and influences while browsing albums, it’s a cool moment. Check it out. Thanks again to our friends at Pandora for bringing us along for the ride. Also Tim Palmer killed it again with the graphics, he’s got skills.

MediaOne Sizzle Reel @mediaone_live

Check out this sizzle we cut for our friends MediaOne Services over the 4th of July.

If you watch it… you’ll notice that, yes, that is Rachel Maddow.

Kelly Clarkson, Legends & Icons vids

Click the image to watch the series of Kelly Clarkson videos we edited for Pandora’s, Toyota: Legends & Icons campaign. Another fun project.

Hungry for Change

YouTube Preview Image

This is another spot Jeremey cut at StoreFront for “Tim Kennedy for Senate”. Posted just to keep you posted on work we’re doing.

Check out the video magic at the end. Jeremey had to take out the glass, and it was a little tricky with the napkin wiping over it.