One Bolt Short, It’s a Rough Life… yes it is @aroughlife

Finally, BART Tour 2011 is kicking off in this episode… but not without a few hiccups. Like all the episodes of Rough Life, this one was a blast to film. When we showed up at Lower Haighters to shoot the BART Tour pre-party, there was hardly anybody around and we were wondering if BART Tour was happening this year. We headed to get coffee with Johnny and Tyler, and when we got back to the shop some of the RNCK Street Team and Team Riders were skating the intersection and we knew it was going to be a good day. Enjoy the episode.

Roughneck + Circa Footwear Shoe Release

Circa Combat Unit released a Roughneck Hardware version of the Ramondetta Pro Model shoe for Roughneck’s 13th Anniversary. We caught up with Johnny Roughneck at the shoe release party on August 13th at DLX skate shop in San Francisco and got him to the show off the shoe for us.

Produced and Shot by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremey Lavoi with a Canon 7D using a 35mm Zeiss f2.0 and a Canon “plastic fantastic” 50mm f1.8.
Edit and Finished by Jeremey Lavoi.

Roughneck got a shoe

Roughneck celebrated its 13 year anniversary with a Circa Combat, Peter Ramondetta + Roughneck shoe release at DLX skate shop in San Francisco. Congrats to Johnny. The evidence is above.

New “It’s a Rough Life” Teaser

Check out this sample clip from “It’s a Rough Life“.

We’re gearing up to pitch our reality series about Johnny Roughneck. Part of that process includes cutting together sample scenes and teasers. This is the first. It’s a glimpse into Roughneck Hardware on the road in Arizona for Cowtown Phoenix Am… almost.

In other Roughneck news, Circa is releasing a Roughneck shoe!

The release party is September 13th at DLX in San Francisco, which also happens to be the 13th anniversary of for our friends Roughneck Hardware.