Roughneck + Circa Footwear Shoe Release

Circa Combat Unit released a Roughneck Hardware version of the Ramondetta Pro Model shoe for Roughneck’s 13th Anniversary. We caught up with Johnny Roughneck at the shoe release party on August 13th at DLX skate shop in San Francisco and got him to the show off the shoe for us.

Produced and Shot by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremey Lavoi with a Canon 7D using a 35mm Zeiss f2.0 and a Canon “plastic fantastic” 50mm f1.8.
Edit and Finished by Jeremey Lavoi.

Roughneck got a shoe

Roughneck celebrated its 13 year anniversary with a Circa Combat, Peter Ramondetta + Roughneck shoe release at DLX skate shop in San Francisco. Congrats to Johnny. The evidence is above.

BART Tour 2009 Video

This is Roughneck BART Tour 2009 part one, as some of you know the second half of the day was rained out. The 48 Blocks Best Trick contest at the San Francisco Library Gap is happening this Sunday 9/20/09. $250 is on the line. Be there.

(Edit 9/23/09: Insert BART Tour Part 2 Video: SF Library Gap Best Trick)

(For info on Part 2 click here.)

Thanks to Tyler Moore for killing it on the death lens angle, (on Part 1, Shane Andrews on Part 2) I owe you man. And thanks to Abby for coming through with driving camera bags to spots, and providing liquid nourishment.

The music is all creative commons and provided by the Cartel (edit: in Part 1) via Jamendo:

Perfection and Smptee Kanx

G-Kid ft. Stack Bund
“Certified Hoodstars”

Tommy Mula

(Edit: Part 2)
Plasma Raygun
“That Beat”