Roughneck Hardware BART Tour 2010: VIDEO

File this under better late than never. Believe me, I’ve wanted to get this out there since the day after. Fortunately for us JADED had a really good year… unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t edit this until now. Happy late birthday Johnny!

Tyler Moore killed it on the A1 with the death lens while I made my first attempt at shooting skating and verite documentary with the 7D.


“scriggle full”
rev music- hip hop
royalty free music
proilific arts inc.

“do the kangaroo”
soul africa

“gotta fight by tg”
tha throwback

“tons of paper by the crime lords”
the lost tracks


RNCK BART Tour 2010 Stills and Screens

We’re working on the BART Tour 2010 video and it will be up sooner than later. Until then enjoy some screens (from the 7D and the A1) and stills from the 7D. See if you can tell which is which.

Tyler handled the legit skate filming while I messed around with the 7D.

First stop: Richmond Park

…and a word from our sponsors

Next stop: Wastelands

Stallings destroyed it as usual.


Roughneck BART Tour 2010

Stay tuned.