Fix a dead pixel on your DSLR

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We HATE dead pixels. You know what we’re talking about, those annoying little specs on your footage that come from a flaw in your dslr sensor. We do have some kung-fu to “fix them in post”, but that sucks. Render time is a black hole that we don’t like to pile on to. So when we recently discovered a dead pixel in our 7D, we hit the interwebs looking for a way to fix it that does not include losing our camera to the Canon fix it factory for two weeks.

Full disclosure, we have not tried this method yet, but this video is from Charles Trippy seems to be one the most popular solutions to fixing dslr dead pixels. We’re about to try it out. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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DIY Indie Air Cannons

From @davidmreynolds – here’s something a little more fun** for our DIY Friday.

From the RealmPictures Vimeo page:

Dave and the team create a single shot from an action sequence using entirely practical effects, all shot on the 7D.

For a tutorial on how to create your own DIY compressed air cannon like the one shown in the video, along with 9 other action tutorials, skip along to our KickStarter page and pick up the Indie Action Pack!

Check out ‘Zomblies’ here:

**Probably not that useful for you documentary film makers out there… but I guess anything is possible.

DIY Car Mount from Indy Mogul

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Today’s DIY Friday is a cool car mount from Indy Mogul.

Instead of Your FX this month, Zack shows you how to build a car rig for about $35 bucks! Tune in tomorrow for the Test Film!

Indy Mogul’s Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. ‘Build’ episodes on Mondays and ‘Original Short’ test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.

Mr. Fixer

We wanted to share some great work a former colleague and friend from TV Land is currently creating. John Kenower, a preditor-extraordinaire, is writing, directing, and starring in the feature length film, Mr. Fixer. The night shots are done with a Canon 1D Mark IV. He says he will probably use a 7D to shoot most of the rest of the film.

The music is being done by another friend and artist, Annie Quick. A very talented musician– check out more of her music here.

Here is the short John shot last year. The feature is going to be about why Mr. Fixer quit — an “origins” story, if you will.

Writer, Mr. Fixer – John Kenower
Director – Kevin Hartman
The Actress – Frances Chewning
DP – Jon Hokanson
Line Producer – Leah Tucker
Hair and makeup – Steven Ianniello
Wardrobe – Ellise Garber
Art Director – Dominique Vitali
Animator – Eric Rosner
Sound – Allison Jackson
Audio Engineer – Jon Friedner @ Pennylane Studios NYC

Here is a teaser for the feature:

Writer, Director, Mr. Fixer – John Kenower
Trisha – Julie Almeria
DP – Jon Hokanson
Music – Annie Quick

Other great teasers / trailers:

John Kenower – Writer, Director, Mr. Fixer
Jon Hokanson – DP
Julie Almeria – Trisha
William Kenower – Music

Elle Anhorn – Eleanor Martine Babineaux
John Kenower – Director
Annie Quick – Music The Gift of Giving

Producers/ Directors
Jeremey Lavoi
Abby Berendt Lavoi

Jeremey Lavoi (7D)
Ben Youngerman (5D)

Syd Fleishcher was the Causes creative on set
Kate Jones and Ray Hobbs are the wonderful actors representing PianoFight (and introduced to us by our wonderful friend Allison Davis.)