Fix a dead pixel on your DSLR

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We HATE dead pixels. You know what we’re talking about, those annoying little specs on your footage that come from a flaw in your dslr sensor. We do have some kung-fu to “fix them in post”, but that sucks. Render time is a black hole that we don’t like to pile on to. So when we recently discovered a dead pixel in our 7D, we hit the interwebs looking for a way to fix it that does not include losing our camera to the Canon fix it factory for two weeks.

Full disclosure, we have not tried this method yet, but this video is from Charles Trippy seems to be one the most popular solutions to fixing dslr dead pixels. We’re about to try it out. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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C A M E O on a 5D Mark III

This Monday’s Inspiration video is a cool graffiti spot called C A M E O, directed by David Anthony Parkinson. It was shot on the new Canon 5D Mark III (which we’re drooling over) but does not exactly shine through with the web compression. We stumbled on this in our usual vimeo browsing.  Check it out, it’s a fun watch.

DIY Car Mount from Indy Mogul

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Today’s DIY Friday is a cool car mount from Indy Mogul.

Instead of Your FX this month, Zack shows you how to build a car rig for about $35 bucks! Tune in tomorrow for the Test Film!

Indy Mogul’s Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. ‘Build’ episodes on Mondays and ‘Original Short’ test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.

Death Valley High: Multiply

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Our friend and colleague Mr. TJ Walkup of Omnific Pictures DP’d on this video. He’s psyched on it, and we thought we’d share all his cool shots. Rock out with your 5D Mark II.

‘Back to Solitude’ (2011) by Joschka Laukeninks

Beautiful short film. Love the lighting & color.

Shot on a 5D in 5 days. Only 5 minutes long.

Dedicated to those Behind the Scene

Shot by Yousheng Tang one long, beautiful, and amazing steadicam take.

“This film is a celebration of filmmaking and the people behind the scene who make it happen. Utilizing steadicam for a one long take, [Behind The Scenes] takes you on a ride through the process of making a film.”

Don’t get distracted by the fact that it’s 10 minutes long. If you’ve ever worked on a set, you’ll appreciate this. It’s actually only 7 minutes long, with a 3 minute behind the scenes of Behind the Scene. There’s a jab about 5Ds, and the use of a GoPro HERO cam during the credits.

There’s even a cameo by a particular member of Twisted Sister.


Aids Life Cycle + Glee + The Castro = ♥

Friend of TeamJaded, Scott Saraceno, just finished shooting, directing, and producing a (can I say fabulous) video to help raise money for Aids Life Cycle. If you’re a fan of Glee (and even if you’re not), this video is hilarious and quite enjoyable. Scott worked with Kevin O’Sullivan who has been scripting, producing and starring in a live fund-raising show for the past 5 years here in SF. This is their fourth year collaborating on the promotional video for the event. Kevin is the main actor in the video, and was also the writer/ co-director. Scott filmed the spot all around the Castro on a 5D (woohoo!) and used a Merlin Steadicam for several of the shots. He edited it with Sony Vegas.

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The organizers of the ALC plan to use this video as an example of creative fund-raising efforts for the ride.

Go to the event! Support!
Saturday, May 7th, 2011
6:00 PM
The Stud Bar, San Francisco

More on ALC here.

Support Kevin here.

Scott Saraceno is a freelance Bay Area videographer and photographer specializing in promotional videos for artists, non-profits and small businesses. Check out his work here:

Check out Kevin O’Sullivan’s other work here:

Cast: Kevin O’Sullivan, Lori Goehring, Tony Albert, Andrew Uhl, Ryan Clark, Michael Pieracci, Matt Vespa, EJ Bernacki, Jared Scherer, Kevin Lemons, Fred Dillon

Created & written by: Kevin O’Sullivan
Directed by: Scott Saraceno & Kevin O’Sullivan
Camera by: Scott Saraceno
Edited by: Scott Saraceno
Boom Mic by: Andy Hill The Gift of Giving

Producers/ Directors
Jeremey Lavoi
Abby Berendt Lavoi

Jeremey Lavoi (7D)
Ben Youngerman (5D)

Syd Fleishcher was the Causes creative on set
Kate Jones and Ray Hobbs are the wonderful actors representing PianoFight (and introduced to us by our wonderful friend Allison Davis.)