Title TBD: Progressive Louisiana French Music Documentary

JADED is currently producing a feature length documentary film showcasing dynamic, young, Creole, and Cajun musicians that are pushing the boundaries of traditional Louisiana French Music.

A new generation of artists are pushing the boundaries of traditional Louisiana French music. They are bringing young, dancing crowds out to shows in honky-tonks and festivals. They are pushing beyond what has come before them, and working to become something more, to transcend the traditionalist infrastructure built to preserve this music in a museum-like exhibit of the past. They confront an established audience that expects the standard two-step and waltz repertoire with the isolated country mythology that comes with it. The reality is that these young artists are talented American musicians interested in expanding their musical boundaries while still being rooted in the cajun music traditions they grew up in. The central conflict is between preservation and progression. What responsibility do these artists have towards the preservation of a culture being eroded more with each generation? Because they can play in French, should they? Is evolution a better way to keep the music alive and well in the dance clubs of South Louisiana and beyond? Through the journey of the progressive generation, this film will confront the mythology that Louisiana French music was ever the product of an isolated community, and reveal that it has always been an evolving party music with worldly influences emanating from the South Louisiana melting pot of the eighteenth century through the mass media saturated present. In doing so we will expose new audiences to an important American subculture in the most current incarnation, a community that should be taken seriously for its contributions to modern music. This film is being made to showcase the young luminaries of Louisiana French Music.

About Cajun Music:

Cajun Music, Zydeco Music; Louisiana French Music is a true American art form. It comes from one of the oldest American cultural fusions; French, African, Acadian, Spanish, Native American, German, and Irish in the swamps of colonial Louisiana during the eighteenth century. Since its first major recordings in the 1930’s, Louisiana French Music, and the Creole and Cajun musicians that play it, have had an outsized impact on American pop music influencing musicians like Hank Williams, Paul Simon, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

We’ve been in the planning/ prepro stage for a little while now. We did a shoot with Feufollet in mid-2014 that happened at the very beginning of that process. They were in the Bay Area, and we thought we just had to take at advantage of one of the key artists we wanted to feature being in right in our SF backyard. So we did. One of the videos from that is above, here’s the other:

We were able to capture some quick snippets from two other bands to be featured, The Lost Bayou Ramblers and The Pine Leaf Boys.

Expect more content as we continue production!