Jeremey Lavoi

Jeremey Lavoi is an award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer of non-fiction video.

Jeremey specializes in documentary storytelling. He cut his teeth in the San Francisco media market where adaptability and a diverse skill set are essential. That is why he is an accomplished Final Cut Pro Editor and Colorist as well. He also works as a Director of Photography specializing in DSLR production.

His career has spanned television, social media, and documentary film. Most recently, his work has been concentrated in producing Branded Documentary web campaigns and working in Reality TV. He has worked on branded content for Bank of America,, Pandora Internet Radio, Virgin Airlines, Banana Republic,, San Francisco Film Society, Redford Center, Institute for the Future, HarperCollins Publishers, Sierra Club, and many others. His television credits include History Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Health, Current TV, and TechTV (G4).

Jeremey has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. At his heart, he is a storyteller.

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More detailed info:

Jeremey started his media career in advertising and graphic design in his home state of Louisiana in 1999. There he worked for O’Carroll’s Advertising and Lagniappe Magazine. He also produced an independent skateboard ‘zine called Jaded, which gave birth to JADED Multimedia shortly before he moved to San Francisco in 2002. TeamJADED Productions was born in 2007, when Abby Berendt Lavoi joined the company.

Jeremey’s television career started in 2004 with a writing internship at Tech TV (G4) on the late night talk show, Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. After Tech TV moved to Los Angeles to merge with G4, he worked on the production staff of KMTP-SF while finishing his Bachelor of Arts in English/ Creative Writing at San Francisco State University.

In 2005 Jeremey helped launch Al Gore’s Current TV, and worked as a Staff Producer at the network through its 2007 Emmy award-winning season. During his time at Current TV he worked in various roles as a Field Producer, Segment Producer, Writer, Correspondent, Shooter, and Video Editor. He directed dozens of short documentaries, and learned how to use sparse resources to turnaround high quality content quickly. He covered the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, including breaking coverage of the animal rescue effort from the ground in Louisiana. He also covered the impact Katrina had on local youth through the experiences of New Orleans skateboarders after the storm. In addition, he worked on Google Current, and then lead a team as Writer/ Producer for the Yahoo! Current Action Buzz. That property was a co-branded daily news show about happenings in Action Sports that aired on Current TV and the Yahoo! Video homepage. It included both hosted news segments and documentary style packages.

In 2008 Jeremey transitioned from television to the Bay Area tech community and joined the originals team at Seesmic Inc, a Social Media company. The job of the originals team at Seesmic was to seed their “video conversation”. He was the Supervising Producer that worked as “jack-of-all-trades production guy” often multitasking as Producer, Technical Director, Director of Photography, and Head of Post-Production. He worked on several ongoing web series, coordinated production units, worked with other staff producers in the field, and edited ongoing shows. He also produced coverage of TechCrunch50 in 2008. His most important takeaways from Seesmic were learning how to work with a brand’s online community to engage with its content, and also how to prompt them to act on it.

As an Independent Producer, Jeremey has worked on a variety of projects from branded content campaigns (Bank of America, Pandora), to television shows (Discovery Health’s Addicted, Science Channel’s Oddities San Francisco, History Channel’s Stoned Ages), documentary films (Supercharged the Life and Times of Tim Brauch), book trailers (HarperCollins Publishers), conference coverage and talks (OneMedPlace, Sogeti, Redford Center), pharmaceutical marketing (Giant/ Gilead), web series (It’s a Rough Life), promo videos (, and Action Sports material (, Roughneck Hardware). He has worked on virals (Banana Republic, Virgin Airlines) and political ads (StoreFront Political Media). He has won multiple Telly Awards and had work featured in the Skateboard Film Festival, part of the Seattle International Film Festival. He also offers video production consulting to New Media companies. He believes that authentic stories are the most effective tools for brand engagement in the modern media landscape.