Discovery Digital: City Verite New Orleans

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We produced this video for Discovery Digital’s new Seeker Network.

Seeker Stories takes a deep look at some of the world’s most unique individuals, places, and cultures. These short documentaries set out to expand our perspective and transform our understanding of the world.


NOLA, Nawlins, The Big Easy. Whatever the nickname, the city of New Orleans has something magical to it. A melting pot of cultures and traditions that blend so effortlessly, it’s hard not to fall in love with the people, music and food.

“New Orleans makes it possible to go to Europe without ever leaving the United States.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

We had a TON of fun making this video. We also had some challenges. Time and budget were limited. We wanted to make a non-Mardi Gras centric piece and we were filming during Mardi Gras. And New Orleans happened to be undergoing an incredible cold snap at the time, we’re talking humid in the low 30′s. We made it all work, and used the project as a chance to explore the City with our two Sony A7s cameras, and a couple of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. It was a great way to slow down and really take notice of elements of the city that are truly unique like the colorful shotgun homes.

We’ll write more about working with that combination of cameras in a later post. This was our first big project where no Canon cameras were employed, so that’s a bit of a milestone for JADED.

We’d also like to officially announce on the blog, by way of this video that JADED is now operational in San Francisco and New Orleans. We will be making strides over the next few months to set up a functioning New Orleans branch of the company.  We will still be working out of San Francisco as well and servicing our wonderful clients there. Exciting times to come!

Feufollet: Red Light

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We are excited to announce that our friends, Feufollet have premiered the new music video that we produced for them and their new song Red Light on the CMT website:

Louisiana’s Feufollet (which means “crazy fire” or “will-o’-the-wisp” in French) capture the timeless fun of a Cajun barn dance in their new video for “Red Light.”

The colorful song comes off their new album, Two Universes, out March 24, while its video was recorded at a Californian concert in May 2014. It goes to show that the universe of Cajun fans extends well beyond traditional Cajun country.

Read the full article here.

Feufollet is pushing the boundaries of what cajun music is, and we couldn’t be more excited for them!

If you’re wondering why we’re making music videos for Cajun bands, then have no fear… we are going to tell you. This video was produced from a live show Feufollet played in Berkeley at Ashkenaz, the world music venue last year. We covered the event (as well as another SF show two days later) as part of a feature length documentary project that we are working on.

We are producing a film showcasing dynamic, young, Creole, and Cajun musicians that are pushing the boundaries of traditional Louisiana French Music.

If you aren’t familiar with Louisiana French Music then here is some more background in the form of our working treatment.

Cajun Music, Zydeco Music; Louisiana French Music is a true American art form. It comes from one of the oldest American cultural fusions; French, African, Acadian, Spanish, Native American, German, and Irish in the broiling swamps of colonial Louisiana during the 1700’s. Since its first major recordings in the 1930’s, Louisiana French Music, and the Creole and Cajun musicians that play it, have had an outsized impact on American pop music influencing musicians like Hank Williams, Paul Simon, John Fogerty and many more. Popular music has influenced Louisiana French Music as well. Now, a new generation of artists are pushing the boundaries of that music. Rather than assimilating to popular genres like Country, Hip Hop, Soul, or even Rock, they are blending those genres with the traditional music. In doing so, they are bringing new fans to both Cajun and Zydeco while sustaining the French Louisiana culture for another generation. This new mixing is part of a larger trend of cultural fusion that started those three hundred years ago deep in bayou country, but that fusion has not always been seamless. The trials of slavery, colonialism, wars, racism, americanization, poverty, and isolation have shaped this culture for generations. The currents of globalism continue to shape it by bringing in fresh influences, yet the core of its identity sustains. This music is about fun, family, food, and dancing. It’s about the joy of community, and the celebration of life above all. This film will celebrate the strong, ethnically diverse culture of Southern Louisiana and the deep history that gave birth to it. In doing so we will expose new audiences to an important American subculture in its most current incarnation, a community that should be taken seriously for its contributions to modern music. This film is being made to showcase the young luminaries of Cajun and Zydeco.

We are excited about this project. The name of the project was La La Music, which is a reference to what the music was called at the turn of the last century. We’re shopping for a new name now, we want something more current. We’ve also been in the planning/ prepro stage for a little while now. The shoot with Feufollet last year happened at the very beginning of that process. They were in the Bay Area, and we thought we just had to take at advantage of one of the key artists we wanted to feature being in right in our SF backyard. So we did. Expect more content from those shoots as we roll out teasers later this year. In the meantime we are finally approaching the stage where we can start confirming more artists to be a part of this project and get the PRODUCTION rolling!

Congrats to Feufollet. Go buy their new album (Available March 24, 2015). Look out for more info on our project soon.


Producer / Director: Abby Berendt Lavoi & Jeremey Lavoi

Cameras: Jeremey Lavoi, Abby Berendt Lavoi, Ben Youngerman, Danny DeBonis, TJ Walkup

Sound: Stephen Thorpe, Noa Bourke

Final Sound Mix: Chris Stafford

Reinventing Nuclear Security Kickoff Video

This video was produced on location in Sante Fe, New Mexico for our client Reinventors Network. It is the series kick-off video for Reinventing Nuclear Security, a series of video roundtables produced to discuss the topic:

How can 21st-century innovation greatly accelerate progress toward the eventual eradication of nuclear weapons while significantly reducing nuclear risk today?

Girl Scouts: Donna Ball Save the Bay

We produced this spot in conjunction with our client IB5K for a Girl Scouts campaign.

Pandora: Work at Pandora in Oakland

This was an incredibly fun recruiting video that we produced with our friends over at Pandora.

Shakey Graves Session: Dearly Departed for Pandora SXSW 2014

We worked on this video with our friends over at Pandora Internet Radio. It was part of the 2014 Discovery Den coverage at SXSW. Jeremey is the camera on Shakey Graves.

SFMOMA Modern Ball 2014

The SFMOMA Modern Ball Sizzle.

The Asian Art Museum 2014 Promo

Produced for the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as a 2014 year end recap.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Modern Ball 2014 Promo

This spot was produced to promote the SFMOMA Modern Ball party. It’s an all motion graphics spot.

Carmel Bach Festival 2014: Festival Promo

This is the pre festival web promo for Carmel Bach Festival 2014. It was produced in conjunction with several other videos promoting the festival.