Blurb PBN Contest Category Winners

This is a book trailer produced for Blurb to announce the category winners of their Photography Book Now contest. It is two of two. We shot it with a Canon 7D. It was lit with Kino Flo Diva 400′s with daylight bulbs. It was edited in Final Cut Pro 7.0.3.

Blurb PBN Contest Grand Prize Winner

This is a book trailer produced for Blurb to announce the Grand Prize winner of their Photography Book Now contest. It is one of two. We shot it with a Canon 7D. It was lit with Kino Flo Diva 400′s with daylight bulbs. It was edited in Final Cut Pro 7.0.3.

The Shadow Effect by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson

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The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self
In this groundbreaking exploration, three New York Times bestselling authors—Debbie Ford (The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Why Good People Do Bad Things), Marianne Williamson (The Age of Miracles, A Return to Love), and Deepak Chopra (Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment)—deliver a comprehensive and practical guide to harnessing the power of our dark side.

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson —New York Times bestselling authors and internationally acclaimed teachers—have joined together to share their knowledge on one of the most crucial obstacles to happiness we face—the shadow. These three luminaries, each with a signature approach, bring to light the parts of ourselves we deny but that still direct our life. For it is only when we embrace our shadow that we discover the gifts of our authentic nature.

The shadow exists within all of us. It is a part of us and yet we spend most of our life running from it. But far from being scary, our dark side holds the promise of a better, more fulfilling life. Our shadow makes itself known every day. It is the reason we get furious over a friend showing up ten minutes late, yell at our parents or kids when they have done nothing wrong, and sabotage our own success at the worst possible time. Until we are able to embrace our dualistic nature, we will continue to hurt ourselves and those closest to us and fall short of our potential.

Combining the wisdom of three experts, The Shadow Effect is a practical and profound guide to discovering the gifts of our shadow. These three authors powerfully pierce the veil of our unclaimed self, releasing us from the past and propelling us on a journey to wholeness. No longer living a half life, we are capable of achieving our dreams and reclaiming the happiness that is our birthright.

Title: The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self
Authors: Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson
ISBN: 9780061962653

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Edited by Abby Berendt
Music by Kevin MacLeod

The Harvard Psychedelic Club by Don Lattin

“[Don Lattin] has created a stimulating and thoroughly engrossing read.” —Dennis McNally, author of A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead, and Desolate Angel: Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America

This book is the story of how three brilliant scholars and one ambitious freshman crossed paths in the early sixties at a Harvard-sponsored psychedelic-drug research project, transforming their lives and American culture and launching the mind/body/spirit movement that inspired the explosion of yoga classes, organic produce, and alternative medicine.

The four men came together in a time of upheaval and experimentation, and their exploration of an expanded consciousness set the stage for the social, spiritual, sexual, and psychological revolution of the 1960s. Timothy Leary would be the rebellious trickster, the premier proponent of the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of LSD, advising a generation to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Richard Alpert would be the seeker, traveling to India and returning to America as Ram Dass, reborn as a spiritual leader with his “Be Here Now” mantra, inspiring a restless army of spiritual pilgrims. Huston Smith would be the teacher, practicing every world religion, introducing the Dalai Lama to the West, and educating generations of Americans to adopt a more tolerant, inclusive attitude toward other cultures’ beliefs. And young Andrew Weil would be the healer, becoming the undisputed leader of alternative medicine, devoting his life to the holistic reformation of the American health care system.

It was meant to be a time of joy, of peace, and of love, but behind the scenes lurked backstabbing, jealousy, and outright betrayal. In spite of their personal conflicts, the members of the Harvard Psychedelic Club would forever change the way Americans view religion and practice medicine, and the very way we look at body and soul.

Title: The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America
Author: Don Lattin
ISBN: 9780061655937

I Love You, Miss Huddleston by Philip Gulley

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“My early Halloweens were perilous affairs. I dressed as a ghost, a bed sheet draped over me. We were too poor to waste a sheet, so my mother never cut holes for my eyes. My brother Glenn was supposed to hold my hand and guide me from house to house, but as soon as we turned the corner and were out of my parents eyesight, he would launch out on his own and leave me to my own devices. I would stumble from house to house, tripping over curbs, running into cars, and spilling my candy. The other children would swarm over me, like hyenas on a downed gazelle, fighting over my Tootsie Rolls and Smarties.

With his ear for the small town and his knack for finding the needle of humor in lifes haystack, Philip Gulley might well be Indianas answer to Missouris Mark Twain. In I Love You, Miss Huddleston, we are transported to 1970s Danville, Indiana, the everyone-knows-your-business-town where Gulley still lives today, to witness the uproarious story of Gulleys young life, including his infatuation with his comely sixth grade teacher, his dalliance with sin-eating meat on Friday and inappropriate activities with a mannequin named Ginger-and his checkered start with organized religion.

Sister Mary John had shown us a flannelgraph of the apostles receiving the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. They looked quite happy, except that their hair was on fireI was suspicious of a religion whose highpoint was the igniting of ones head, and my enthusiasm for church, which had never been great, began to fade.

Even as Kennedy was facing down Khrushchev, Danny Millardo and his band of youthful thugs conducted a reign of terror still unmatched in the annals of Indiana history. With Gulleys sharp wit and keen observation, I Love You, Miss Huddleston captures these dramas and more, revisiting a childhood of unrelieved and happy chaos.

From beginning to end, Gulley recalls the hilarity (and heightened dangers) of those wonder years and the easy charm of midwestern life.

I Love You, Miss Huddleston: And Other Inappropriate Longings of My Indiana Childhood
Author: Philip Gulley
ISBN: 9780060736590

A Beautiful Game by Tom Watt

With an introduction by David Beckham

Wherever you are on earth, its only a matter of time before you come across children playing soccer. Another five minutes and you will probably find yourself having a ball rolled to your feet as an invitation to join in the game. Soccer is a common language and a culture shared: a joy, a passion, an escape and an affirmation of identity understood and celebrated by children – and their parents – in every country around the globe.

For this unique and beautiful book, sports writer Tom Watt talked to the worlds top players about growing up and falling in love with the game: Argentinas Lionel Messi and Brazils Gilberto Silva; Englands David James and Scotlands Craig Gordon; Italys Fabio Cannavaro, Spains Iker Casillas and Frances Frank Ribéry; South Africas Benni McCarthy and Nigerias Nwankwo Kanu; the USAs Landon Donovan and Shunsuke Nakamura from Japan; and the worlds most famous player, David Beckham.

A Beautiful Game tells their stories, in the players own words; stories of boys who would grow up to be heroes for a new generation of young players and fans. They look back to their childhoods; to their family homes, to their schoolrooms, to the friends they grew up with and to the places where they first played the game that has made them stars. The players words are brought to life with over 130 full-color images which offer rare, emotive and striking insights and celebrate soccers ability to touch our hearts wherever the beautiful game is played.

A Beautiful Game: The World’s Greatest Players and How Soccer Changed Their Lives
Author: Tom Watt
ISBN: 9780061735356

The Spirit of Service Book Trailer

The Spirit of Service is a dynamic daily devotional that offers a full exploration of 365 aspects of service, organized into seven topics, presenting one from each topic every week for 52 weeks. The reader can start the book at any time of the year. The guided experience allows you to look at a full complement of ways that you can get involved in service to others, from serving the person sitting next to you to your community as a whole, from national service to actions that impact the world. The book is created to offer a daily fifteen- to twenty-minute experience that can prompt you to open your mind, your heart, your pocketbook, your calendar, or your contact list and engage. The book features unique opportunities for involvement in all sectors with every age group and every concern. Throughout the year you will read inspiring stories about what others have done, and discover efforts that you can passionately get involved in. The book also guides you to recalibrate your own awareness of the needs of others, taking you outside yourself and into the joyful state of truly making a difference.

The Hidden Power of the Gospels by Alexander Shaia

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Christianity is in crisis. Increasing numbers of people are opting out. Why? Have recent discoveries in archaeology uprooted our faith in the Bible? Do the gospels no longer serve our modern, complicated lives? In The Hidden Power of the Gospels, Dr. Alexander Shaia moves beyond the typical approach to reveal an undiscovered truth thats been dormant for over one thousand years.

In the tradition of such writers as Thomas Moore and Don Miguel Ruiz, Shaia reveals how the recurring cycles of change, loss, enlightenment, and maturation are illuminated by the Bibles four gospels. Combining ancient Christian traditions, anthropology, and modern psychology, he reveals what has been in front of our eyes for two thousand years: that each of the gospels is centered on a different core metaphor and each focuses on a vital spiritual question.

Matthew begins with the question How do we face change? Mark faces the hard question of How do we move through suffering? John stirs and elevates the soul as he asks, How do we receive joy? And Luke moves forward on the practical journey, as he inquires, How do we mature in service? Shaia weaves these questions together in what he calls the “quadratos” journey, a recurring fourfold cycle that lives on as a constant companion throughout our lives.

Shaia unravels the divine inspiration of this mysterious sequence and links its ancient truths to universal, modern understandings. By using this lens, the gospels become practical guides for creating faith-filled lives that are relevant and useful in a time that is much more complex than village life millennia ago. In the sequence Shaia discloses, the gospels become the map for our never-ending spiritual journey.

ALEXANDER J. SHAIA, PH.D., is an educator, psychologist, spiritual director, liturgist, writer, passionate professional speaker, and practicing Christian. He is the founder and director of the Blue Door Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shaia travels internationally, lecturing and conducting workshops on the four-gospel journey of “quadratos,” psychotherapy, rites of passage, and Christian spirituality.

MICHELLE GAUGY was the president of the Awakening Museum and Foundation and is the owner of a large art gallery and a writer. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Title: Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey
Author: Alexander Shaia with Michelle Gaugy
ISBN: 9780061898013

That Bird Has My Wings by Jarvis Jay Master

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After visiting Jarvis Jay Masters at San Quentin, Eric Brandt, Senior Editor at HarperOne, talks about Jarvis and his book.

That Bird Has My Wings is the astounding memoir of death row inmate Jarvis Masters and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the talent of a fine writer. Offering scenes from his life that are at times poignant, revelatory, frightening, soul-stirring, painful, funny, and uplifting, That Bird Has My Wings tells the story of the authors childhood with parents addicted to heroin, an abusive foster family, a life of crime and imprisonment, and the eventual embracing of Buddhism.

Jarvis Jay Masters has taken an extraordinary journey of faith. Strangely enough, his moment of enlightenment came behind the bars of San Quentin’s death row. In this compelling memoir, inmate and author Jarvis Jay Masters takes us from the arms of his heroin-addicted mother to an abusive foster home, on his escape to the illusory freedom of the streets and through lonely nights spent in bus stations and juvenile homes, and finally to life inside the walls of San Quentin State Prison. Using the nub and filler from a ballpoint pen (the only writing instrument allowed him in solitary confinement), Masters chronicles the story of a bright boy who turns to a life of crime, and of a penitent man who embraces Buddhism to find hope in this ultimately inspirational story.

Masters has written his remarkable story as a cautionary tale for anyone who might be tempted to follow in his footsteps, and as a plea for under-standing to a world that too often ignores the plight of the forgotten members of society. His personal story dramatically reminds us all that freedom and opportunity are not to be taken for granted, and that no matter what their neighborhood, no matter what their race, every child matters.

That Bird Has My Wings: The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row
Author: Jarvis Jay Masters
ISBN: 9780061730450

Racing Toward Armageddon by Michael Baigent

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Whether or not you believe in prophesy, the Bible as literal truth, Armageddon, the Rapture, the return of the Dajaal or the creation of a worldwide caliphate as a harbinger of the end of time, you will, upon reading this book, ultimately believe that there are powerful forces afoot today conspiring to bring about these cataclysmic events within our lifetime.

Exposing these forces, the myths upon which many of their beliefs are based, the stealth actions they have been taking for decades, and the insidious and potentially devastating effect they are having upon the social, cultural and spiritual fabric of our society, Baigent poses the pressing question: can we really afford to remain oblivious much longer?

In this latest investigative book, Racing Toward Armageddon, Baigent takes readers to the assembly hall of the UN, the boardrooms of major businesses and powerful lobbying groups, the cabinet meetings of world leaders, the ranches of U.S. cattle breeders, congregations of the faithful, and the narrow winding streets of Jerusalem today, where we meet the many diverse, public and clandestine figures driving a perilous messianic agenda forward.

By unveiling truly bizarre alliances, revisiting centuries-old ghostly places and events still haunting the region, untwining complex threads of history to discern the difference between myth and prophesy, and providing a thorough explication of the religious texts underlying all of this madness in the context of the times in which they were written, Baigent presents a very different view of the past, present and future than that perpetuated by the many loose interpretations of scripture that exist today.

What are faith force multipliers? Which top brass in the US Military have fought to employ them? And why should we fear them?
Which world leader and his closest advisors belong to a secret messianic society called the Hojjateih?
What is the Chalcedon Foundation? Its founders influence on the education of U.S. children? And the correlation between its tenants, that of sharia law and the fulfillment of end-time prophesies?

The answers to these questions and others are bound to alternately shock, intrigue, mystify and enrage readers, whether they are people of faith, staunch secularists or just the curious amongst us.

Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End the World
Author: Michael Baigent
ISBN: 9780061363184