Late for Work, Rough Life Season 2 Finale

We have arrived! At the Hotel Utah? The end of BART Tour 2011? The end of Rough Life? Yes, Yes, and hope not.

Season 2 is a wrap. This episdoe gets us from the tattoo shop to the Hotel Utah with sick sessions at Town Park/ Hood Games, and Potrero Park in between. Johnny is Johnny, and this is the most BART Tour-esque episdoe of the season with longer skate montages, and we hope the feeling of being on the street level of the tour. By this point in the day we were EXHAUSTED. We’d been all over the Bay Area and our arms could barely hold up our camera rigs. As Johnny says, “I can’t believe it myself”, and that’s how we felt by the time we got to the Utah (and even now wrapping up the season).

It’s been a crazy ride producing the Roughneck web show. Our regret, if we had one is that we didn’t have the budget to stick on Johnny 24/7 for some real Roughneck hi jinx. Now our attention will shift to pitching Rough Life to cable networks so that we can get a budget to do it proper. Enjoy the last episode. Talk more soon. WE OUT HERE!

Johnny ditched the tour after the Richmond session. Turns out he met up with Paola at a tattoo shop in Oakland to get inked. Will anybody notice that he’s gone?

Season 2 of “It’s a Rough Life” is about the events leading up to and during BART Tour 2011. The stakes have changed for Roughneck and BART Tour is no different.

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

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