Fund American Mongrel

Our buddy Deniz Demirer directed a film called American Mongrel and he’s raising funds on Kickstarter to finish it up and get it to festivals. Fund it!

About the film:

…a film about three strangers who take a road trip into the northwest. Marcos, Johnny, and Janice accidentally come together after a wild night of drinking in the city. Packed into a car and headed “north”, they learn about each others secrets and discover the forgotten wonders of the American people and landscape. This is a real adventure of people confronting their past mistakes, rekindling love, and finding acceptance.  The experience of the road reveals to each of them the possibility of profound inner change.

What they need funds for:

With dust in our hair and pockets turned out, PRODUCTION is finished! The skeleton cast and crew traveled for 2 months, over 15,000 miles, throughout the western United States entirely on our own savings. Now we need a big push to get us down the home stretch. We need you. Take a look at the trailer above, watch it again, and please contribute what you can!

We’re asking for your support and collaboration through Kickstarter to help fund POST-PRODUCTION costs. These include:

  • Editing
  • Color Correction, HD Masters
  • Sound Mix
  • Original Score
  • Soundtrack Licensing
  • Legal fees, Release Licensing
  • Film Festival Distribution
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Premiere Screenings(before it goes public)


Asking for money is no fun. But we believe in this film and in people – our friends, family, YOU! We all understand the power of helping to make something meaningful. From its inception, AMERICAN MONGREL has been about people and the story each one of us lives every day. Thank you for taking your time and thank you again for your support. We should mention that our projected goal of $45,000 WILL ENSURE the completion of this modern American tale. If the goal is not met, no funds will be collected and you will not be charged. It’s ALL OR NOTHING. We’d love to hear from you so please contact us and keep the conversation going by telling your friends and family to join in. Forward.

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