We the Pharaohs

Check out this awesome trailer for our friend Jeffrey Plunkett’s (@JKPlunkett) film We the Pharaohs.


We The Pharaohs follows American coach Bob Bradley as he attempts to guide Egypt’s beloved national soccer team to its first World Cup since 1990.  It’s a story about soccer, of course, but it’s more than that.  Nowhere in the world is the sport as tangled in politics as in Egypt.  Cairo’s hardcore soccer fans played a leading role in the revolution — and 74 of those fans then paid with their lives in a stadium massacre that most believe was orchestrated by remnants of the old regime.  With the scars still fresh and the future still uncertain, World Cup qualification would mean more than just sporting glory.  It would provide a powerful symbol of healing and hope for the new Egypt.

As the American frontman for the Pharaohs, Bradley is part diplomat, part politician, part celebrity, part curiosity, part savior and, oh yeah, part coach.  Put simply, he has accepted one of the most challenging jobs in all of sports.  Qualification won’t be easy.  The Pharaohs will need to overcome a host of talented African teams, as well as Egypt’s own instability, which on a weekly basis makes headlines around the world.  Still, nothing would mean more to the coaches, players and 85 million people of Egypt than to see this dream realized.


After winning their first two qualifiers in June, the Pharaohs have gotten off to a fast start.  Six games now stand between Egypt and the World Cup.  Qualification resumes in March.   This documentary will chronicle every step of the team’s historic campaign.

Shooting will be completed in the fall of 2013 and the film will be finished by early spring 2014.

Jeff’s a great journalist and producer, so we know this going to be good. Support it.

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