Stuck in the Mud: It’s a Rough Life Season 2, Episode 5

Stuck the Mud was a little chaotic to shoot because there were so many moving parts. Luckily we had Tyler on the fish-eye skate cam and Jeremey picking up artsy shots. Abby really came through covering Johnny and his little bubble of chaos. This is the first true skate stop of the tour, so we’re hoping skaters enjoy that aspect of it (a lot of kids have been asking for the BART 2011 footage). Normally we turn around a little skate edit the week after. We’re hoping that this more in depth coverage of the event and what it means to the Roughneck crew satisfies all the people who have been waiting for this footage. Oh, and Shawn Connolly rips.

The crew finally makes it to Richmond skatepark. Chaos ensues as the cops show up, Johnny is called into work, and Mr. Roughneck reveals that he’s going to leave BART Tour for… a secret mission?

Season 2 of “It’s a Rough Life” is about the events leading up to and during BART Tour 2011. The stakes have changed for Roughneck and BART Tour is no different.

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

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