Hamer Hall

Hammer Hall – Evolution by Dirty Puppet popped up in our Vimeo feed this morning. We were impressed and thought it would make a great Monday Inspiration .

Evolution is a tapestry of poetic scenes inspired by the History of the Arts Centre Melbourne site.
Commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne; Digital Arts program 2012, we awere asked to pitch and turn around the project in a super tight deadline while also designing the content specifically for the custom built 6 x 1 metre LED screens that were part of the re-launch of Melbournes Hamer Hall.

A special thanks to Nick van Cuylenburg (nickvancuylenburg.com) for composing the beautiful score.

Animation Director: Cameron Gough
Writer: Tait Ischia
Artwork: Kate Moon
Animation & Compositing: Cameron Gough
2D Effects: Canaan Mendelsohn & Cameron Gough
R & D: Shane Smith
Music Composition: Nick van Cuylenburg

Love the animation style, and the custom frame size adds to the piece which is a rather difficult task to pull off.

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