The Waiting Room

You MUST support @waitingstories on @kickstarter. Seriously. We had the chance to capture the film’s director, Peter Nicks, at the San Francisco International Film Festival back in April this year. What an incredible film this is! Touching, inspiring, informative, beautiful. It’s all these things and more.

You only have 17 days left to support this project. It will only be funded if their goal is reached by Sunday July 29th, 2012! Click here for more info.

Back The Project! The Waiting Room

Here is the cut of the SFIFF’s Scoop Du Jour which features Peter Nicks and The Waiting Room.

By supporting this project, they say:

Your help will allow us to:
  • Promote our theatrical release in NY, LA, San Francisco and Oakland through a grassroots promotional campaign! The more successful the release, higher the visibility of the film and the more communities we can bring it to.
  • Give access to communities that typically do not go to the theaters to watch an indie documentary. Since this film is about their community, we will partner with local and national organizations to hold sponsor screenings that will allow some to attend for free.
  • Cover the logistical costs incurred by our non-profit Open’hood in pulling this whole thing off.

Here is the theatrical trailer:

About Peter Nicks:

Peter Nicks is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced projects for network, cable and public television exploring topics such as immigration, journalism and technology. He has also directed media strategy for two social networking start-ups and developed transmedia storytelling projects that make use of emerging social media platforms. He worked as a staff producer for ABC News in New York and as a producer for the innovative PBS documentary series Life 360. Nicks is currently producing and directing the documentary-social media hybrid The Waiting Room, which explores the impact of America’s health care policy on one county hospital and the population of largely uninsured patients it serves. Peter Nicks earned his Masters in documentary filmmaking from the University of California, Berkeley in 1999. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

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