Instagram video filters

Now you can Instagram your FCP and After Effects Projects!

Brent Pierce over at came up with a way to use Instagram like filters in Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. First you’re going to need Red Giant’s LUT Buddy (it’s free). So download that. Don’t know what a LUT is, doesn’t matter. For the curious, this is how you use LUT Buddy.

Then head over to Cineblur and download the Instagram presets. They were derived from Instagram Photoshop action filters created by Daniel Box. So you can download those for Photoshop fun as well.

Once you’ve downloaded the the Instagram LUT’s drop them here for After Effects:
(Applications/Adobe After Effects/Presets)

For Final Cut Pro, it’s a little more complex. You need Magic Bullet Colorista and LUT Buddy. You’ll have to use the LUT Buddy filter and load the LUT’s you downloaded. Watch the video above for a full tutorial.

Thanks to Brent Pierce for a pretty fun filter set.

We are looking for a Magic Bullet Looks Instragram package. If you find one, send it our way.

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