DIY Blue Screen / Green Screen & Lighting

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It’s DIY Friday! This week Tom Antos teaches you how to make a blue screen.

How to setup and light a blue/green screen that you can use in your next video. I go over the proper techniques that hollywood productions follow when shooting a special effects sequence.

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One Response to “DIY Blue Screen / Green Screen & Lighting”

  1. arjina says:

    The set itself is framed by light wood columns in a color that complement the green walls in the newsroom behind. A large anchor desk, fronted by matching wood and a metal plate … with flat screen that anchor Will McAvoy uses for live interviews. Overall, the set and newsroom have a bit of a tired look, bland look and certainly lacks some of the “bling” that has become so popular on news sets today, though the wide rear project screen is a step in the right direction.

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