@48HourFilmProj Crazy weekend with team Str8.2.DVD

A couple of weekends ago we took part in the 48 Hour Film Festival. Go see it tonight!

(…Sorry, you probably can’t watch that video because it’s locked until at least after the premiere tonight and tomorrow 6/19/12-6/20/12. wah wah… Go see it!) We’re not sure how we got talked into the fest, but it had something to do with a few closing night drinks at the wrap party for the San Francisco International Film Festival. That night Ben Zweig, Ben Youngerman, Miranda Jones and TeamJADED made a pact to make a 48 Hour Film. In the run up to the film race Krissy Bailey and Jane Riccobono joined the crew along with a few others who volunteered to actually be in the thing, David Rojas and Jane Wood (apologies to those who acted and got cut out).

The weekend of the fest was filled with great ideas, lot’s of fun, a farmers market (among other locations), and VERY little sleep, but we did it. We made a film. Our catagory was drama, and we knocked it out, turned it in on time, and closed the weekend with dinner and drinks in the Tenderloin. Our film, Always There plays tonight and tomorrow at the Lumiere in San Francisco at California @ Polk. You can check it out during the 6:45 block, or the 9:15 block. Please do.

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