Work Sucks from @dalanmcnabola

Our friend Dalan McNabola is directing a short film called Work Sucks. He’s funding it on kickstarter, and he could sure use your help, or the help of your rich friends, unless you’re rich, and then he could use both.

His film is…

about a young woman who is caught in a routine that she can’t break out of. This film is about turning moments of crisis into something positive and seeing it as an opportunity to be happy for once.

Your donation will help…

finish the film. We’ve already started production on WORK SUCKS, but we just need a little bit of funding to get it over the finish line. The money raised here will go towards paying the cast and crew, as well as any post production costs we run into and festival/distribution costs.

Dalan is rad. His work is rad. Get involved. (Our friends Tim Palmer and Ben Zweig are also involved. You can read more about that here.)

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