San Francisco International Film Festival

For the past week we’ve been working with the @SFIFF (that’s the San Francisco International Film Festival in case the title of this blog didn’t tip you off). We’ve been enlisted as the “Scoop DuJour” team, filming daily wraps of the festival events. If you haven’t been out to catch a few of the films showing, here’s some trailers that may get you interested. Go celebrate film! Or, as the slogan this year is: “Rediscover Cinema.”

Before you start settling in with your popcorn to watch all the fancy trailers below, check out the SFIFF promo our friend Dalan McNabola did along with Ben Zweig (who we’ve been working with all week on the Scoop vids).

Here are just some of the sampling of what you can see at the festival. Check out the schedule here.

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