Canon EOS 5D Mark III Vs. Nikon D800

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From Gizmodo:

The folks at Crisis Lab outfitted both cameras with identical prime lenses, and tested performance in some key areas like image resolution, rolling shutter, video resolution, and low-light video quality. The test reveals that the Nikon D800′s 36-megapixel sensor has better image resolution than the 23-megapixel 5DMKII—but mot as much better as you might expect. As for video, the rolling shutter distortion is very similar on both cameras. (Rolling shutter is the weird, wobbly distortion that occurs when objects are moving quickly through as DSLR’s frame while shooting video.) But put both cameras in a dark room with strippers to test how they hold up with ISO sensitivity is jacked up while shooting video, and you’ll see the 5D Mark III demolish the D800.

Yes, you read that right. The stripper test. That might actually get you to watch the full 6 minute video.

You can read more about the test on Crisis Lab.

If you’re really into this face-off, and you just can’t get enough… don’t worry, you can read another post from DSLRNewsShooter.

What do you think? Will your next purchase be a Canon EOS 5D Mark III or a Nikon D800? What’s it gonna be?

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