BURN premieres at Tribeca

We’ve been following the progress of this amazing looking film since we worked a job with one of the producers in 2010. That is why we were delighted to read on the BURN webiste:


BURN has been accepted to premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival this April. It’s an incredible honor for us to premiere at this prestigious festival!

You now know as much as we do! For more information about the festival, please visit Tribeca’s Website.

Many, many thanks!

Brenna & Tom

Brenna Sanchez & Tom Putnam
Producer/directors, BURN

Congrats! Truly great news from a couple of talented filmmakers. BURN premiered at Tribeca on Sunday. You can catch it today (4/24/12) at 9:45pm at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8. It you’re in NYC/ at Tribeca, definitely check this one out.

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