A Sister’s Call

We’re instituting a new weekly feature (hope it sticks). I’ve (Abby) decided to call it DocDay-WednesDay. It’s kind of a long title… but if you say it out loud there’s some charm to it. The theme is pretty self-explanatory. Every Wednesday we will feature a doc. It doesn’t matter what stage of production it’s in- it could be selling the DVD or it could just be researching the topic. Either way, let’s get on with the show!

For our first installment: A SISTER’S CALL

Mr. Call Richmond disappeared in 1977. Twenty years later, his sister Rebecca found him homeless, alone, and suffering from severe paranoid schizophrenia. A SISTER’S CALL follows Rebecca’s 14 year journey to “bring her brother back” from the depths of his homelessness and hallucinations. Through helping Call, Rebecca and her family confront the issues of their dark past and attempt to overcome the complicated family dynamic that comes with caring for the mentally ill.

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There is an r/IAmA on reddit. You can see the thread here.

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