In teamjaded land…

We are doing lots of scheming. It’s that time of year when planning is important, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping busy as well. We were at Pandora last week shooting a talk for their Women in Business series.

The talk was with Lisa Kavanaugh, the Chief Product and Technology Officer at

We aslo hit up the 11th Annual Final Cut Users Supermeet. We showed up early and screened our It’s a Rough Life promo in their open screen theater.

You’ll recognize Johnny saluting the crowd in the vendor area. We then checked out all the new gear, and got a close look at Canon’s new C300. Drool. Unfortunately we did not make it to the presentation stage, instead opting for dinner in Dogpatch. We totally planned to go back… just didn’t happen. Word on the ‘net is that the highlights included CS6 and a change in name for the User Group.

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