Sh*t San Franciscans Say… Yep

This is the obligatory, us jumping on the band wagon of posting the shit people say meme just about at the time when the thought of seeing another one makes us what to claw our eyes out. But this new one’s about SF! That’s our city! Check it out, via Annie Sloan:

YouTube Preview Image

There’s been lot’s of controversy on Youtube and Reddit about the legitmacy of this one. Lot’s of talk about “real” born and raised San Franciscans vs. Tranplanted Hipsters in the Mish. We’re a little closer to the latter, and thus we thought this one was pretty funny. The missing Burning Man section was hilarious. But just to even it out, this video was posted on Reddit by “hokeydokey” as an example of what real SF locals would say.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty Classic.

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