Stand-Up for Vacation

Check out this series of videos we cut for Pandora over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s four spots of New York based comedian Mark Normand telling jokes about the joys of office work and how to get out of it. The videos were produced by Pandora for a branded content campaign with jetBlue.

In other JADED news, we’re going to be finishing up the rough cut of Rolled in the next two days. Whit is planning to send a version of it off to SXSW on Friday. Cross your fingers.

The season finale of It’s a Rough Life goes live tomorrow. It’s one of our favorites, and involves somebody getting inked. You won’t want to miss it. It’s also got a special :30 second “next on” teasing the new season that starts with the epic 2011 BART Tour. The new season starts early 2012. In the meantime, we’ll be working on getting our pitch together.

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