It’s a Rough Life Episode 6: MIA

It’s a Rough Life, a reality series about Johnny Roughneck.

In this episode of It’s a Rough Life, Cowtown Phoenix Am gets started. Josh Bozzuto, one of Johnny’s riders has a 10am slot and Johnny is missing in action.

This is a fun and quick episode that set’s up Johnny’s rider Josh as a character. It illustrates the impact of Johnny’s relationship with his riders, and shows how it effects their performance. …Or to put it another way, how getting wasted all night and missing your rider’s run after driving them across the country to put them in a contest will really bum them out.

This was a fun episode to produce. We like that it feels a little more verite at the beginning than some of the others. We think the moments with Josh, while he set’s up his board in the morning were pretty insightful into what it’s like for an up and comer at a big contest. The conversation with the team on the way to the contest, when they illustrate both a concern/ and also complete lack there of for Johnny’s predicament is pretty entertaining as well.

We’re starting our TV pitching strategy for It’s a Rough Life. What are your thoughts on how the web series is going so far? What would you like to see?

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