It’s a Rough Life Episode 7: Get That Roughneck

It’s Thursday, and that means a new It’s a Rough Life. This episode begins the second half of the Phoenix Arc. In our opinion, it’s where you really start to see Johnny’s personality come through. By this point in the trip, the Roughneck crew was more comfortable with having a camera around and were finally letting their guards down. The interaction with Matty P is priceless, and we even get some bites from Paola. Watch it and see.

In this episode of It’s a Rough Life, Josh’s qualifying run is done, Ratface’s run is coming up, and Johnny is still missing. Cue the hype man Matty P to “get that Roughneck”. Can he get Johnny out of bed?

If you haven’t seen Episode 6, you should check it out. It will give you the background on Josh’s run.

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