Help Burn raise funds

BURN is a documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of its firefighters, who risk their lives to save a city that many have written off as dead. Detroit firefighters have a front-line look at issues many American cities are just beginning to face. Along with the foreclosure boom, arson fires in Detroit have skyrocketed. The reasons vary: Homeowners desperate to get out from under mortgages, gangs and drug dealers out for revenge, bored teens failed by the education system. The end result is a city struggling to cope with one of the highest per capita arson and fire rates in the world. More info here.

Burn is raising money on Kickstarter and as of this post, they have 50 hours to go. They have surpassed their goal but, (excerpt from their facebook page…)

The more money [they] raise now, means less money [they] have to borrow from investors, which means more goes to Leary Firefighters Foundation to put MUCH-needed gear into the hands of… Detroit firefighters!

Kick in some funds, it’s for a good cause.

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