It’s a Rough Life Episode 3 is up! Utah Finale @aroughlife

In Part 3 of Johnny’s adventure to Salt Lake City, the “Rough side of the Traxx” heads to the Wave, but the Roughneck crew has a little trouble on the way. Eventually the skating goes off at the Wave, and then the contest rolls to the U where the Salt Lake City skaters take turns throwing tricks down a big set of stairs. After the last spot it’s off to the afterparty behind the Fice Boutique for the winners ceremony.

This episode wraps up Roughneck in Utah. We worked really hard to get these out so quickly after Roughside of the Trax, and we hope you all enjoyed them. Once again we have to thank all of the people who have been supportive of this project. Our friend Ben Youngermen, Benny Gold, Lowcard Mag, Slap Magazine, Typical Culture, Shrewgy over at Ace Trucks, Stunner of the MonthPaying in Pain, California Street/ Hidehiko Fujiwara, Dalan McNabola (for all the social media support), Jimmy Nelson and the Roughneck Hardware squadron (and Panda for being a good sport), and so many more.

There’s more coming. Next week we’re doing a little trip back in time to Phoenix Am 2010 for the Phoenix Saga! Stay tuned.

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