@aroughlife Let the Phoenix Saga begin!

Today we start the Cowtown Phoenix Am story arc on It’s a Rough Life. It’s a six episode arc that will take Johnny and his crew through some pretty entertaining situations (we hope). And there might even be some skateboarding.

In 2010, Roughneck Hardware was a junior sponsor at the infamous Cowtown Phoenix Amateur skateboard contest. Phoenix Am, as it is known, is a proving ground for up and coming rippers. It’s also just the type of place a struggling company like Roughneck could claim real legitimacy. So after a little bit of scheming Johnny got a van, a photographer, and two of his riders in the contest. He also brought his wife and a personal hype man.

If you watch the episode you’ll notice that Johnny is headed to Phoenix Am 2010. The Phoenix material is actually the original pilot material for It’s a Rough Life. It came about, because after years of documenting Johnny’s company we realized that it was worth trying to take it a step further and make it show. Jeremey and Roughneck were both headed to Phoenix Am that year. Jeremey was going to shoot the contest for ESPN.com, and Roughneck was going for the reasons stated in the video (riders in the contest, build hype for the company). It presented a great opportunity to get in a van with the squad and get some great footage. (If we had been able to neglect the contest a little more, we could have gotten even more!) This episode sets up events for the next few. We hope you enjoy it.

In other Rough Life news, we also posted a “complete arc” version of the Roughside of the Trax 2. Its all three webisodes combined into one short film (for all those wanting more than four minutes of new Rough Life per week). It was posted today as well.

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