@aroughlife Episode 2 is up! Roughside of the Trax Part II

In Part 2 of Johnny’s adventure to Salt Lake City, the “Rough side of the Traxx” contest gets started. But not without some drama with one of Johnny’s Sales Reps who shows up riding the competition’s product. All the riders head out and we get to see chaos on train and the first spot, Dead Goat Ledge.

We’ve been working hard on these, and we appreciate all the support we’ve gotten, especially from the likes of Benny Gold, Lowcard, Typical Culture, and the posts on Slap and other big action sports websites.

Today, we’re audio finishing Episode 3 (the Utah closer, premiering October 20th). Then we’ll get into logging the epic BART Tour 2011 Episodes and putting together questions for Johnny’s spinal interview. The Phoenix (Am) Saga starts on October 27.

If you missed the first Episode you can watch it here now.

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