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Like many of you, Vimeo is our platform of choice for hosting our videos. It offers great options for privacy, embedding, and it also has a great community. That’s why we were excited to learn this morning that Vimeo is launching a music store for scoring videos. This is huge, espcially since the the personal license, which grants non-commercial web rights is only $1.99. If you want to license the music commercially, web rights start at $98.00 and escalate from there. This puts the Vimeo library priced comparably to something like Pump Audio for commercial licensing. Let’s see if their library can compete.

We should also note here that we recently signed a contract with DeWolfe Music for the scoring of our projects. So far we’re digging DeWolfe. They have a great library, friendly staff, and fairly affordable licensing. We’ll probably write more about that later.

More info about Vimeo Music Store:

Vimeo Music Store is your one-stop-shop for finding, discovering and licensing high quality music for your videos. We’ve built a simple and intuitive interface for you to easily search for music using a variety of different music criteria, and then purchase and/or download the tracks you want. Search mood, genre, tempo, themes, instrumentations and then use the advanced search to whittle down the results even further.

As of now, Music Store offers over 45,000 curated tracks with a three different license options for you to choose from. Here’s the skinny:

Creative Commons-licensed music is curated and provided by Free Music Archive, one of the most-respected curators of Creative Commons-licensed music. There are many different Creative Commons licenses available, so make sure to learn more about Creative Commons and how to use them in our FAQ.

Paid music tracks are provided by Audiosocket, a music and media company that curates its content to deliver up-and-coming talent to the marketplace. Audiosocket’s catalog includes over 33,000 songs from more than 1900 emerging bands, composers and record labels from around the world. Audiosocket’s catalog offers both personal, non-commercial licenses for $1.99 per track and commercial licenses for $98 per track.

As a a token of our appreciation, we’re offering all Plus and PRO members one FREE, personal license track (a $1.99 value). This offer is only available for one week starting today, so make sure to head over to Music Store and cash in!

Yep, Plus and Pro members get a free track if they download within a week.

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