It’s a Rough Life dot com is up!

Today we officially launched It’s a Rough Life dot com with a new promo about Johnny Roughneck and why he does all the things he does.

The inaugural season of It’s a Rough Life will be a look into Johnny’s hectic reality through a collection of stories captured over the last two years. Each episode will range from 3-6 minutes.

For more about Johnny Roughneck, and a deeper look into the idea behind It’s a Rough Life, take a look at our Treatment. We want to get people excited about this first season so that we can raise funds to make another one with a full production crew and post pipeline. Our ultimate goal is to turn It’s a Rough Life into a television series.

So check out the site. Like us on Facebook, follow Johnny on Twitter, and stay tuned for lots more antics from the Roughneck squad every Thursday.

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