Build an 8 foot Camera Slider Tutorial

We are SLAMMED! Jeremey is cutting a string of Reba McEntire videos for Pandora and tomorrow he’s headed to Salt Lake City for Rough Side of the Traxx, a crazy Roughneck event on Saturday. We bring this up because we bought an awesome DIY slider from J.G. Pasterjak about a month ago, and it’s sitting on our living room floor waiting to be put into action. Other than ordering a piece of composite 2×6 for it to slide on, we have yet to rock it out. BOO.

In other news, the video above is not that slider, it’s another one. Enjoy your DIY Thursday with this tutorial on how to build a 6-8 foot slider using RigWheels. If you like the vid. Check them out here and here and here:


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