No Reservations Desert Roll

That video was a pleasant surprise in our vimeo inbox this morning. It’s…

…extra timelapse and B-roll shot by Adam Lupsha and Brian Griffo in the Desert for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

No Reservations is by far our favorite doc style/ reality/ travel show, and we don’t just love it for Anthony Bourdain, though he is great.

The reason we like No Reservations so much is the production value. These guys travel the world with a tiny crew. They go int to some of the most remote areas, and sometimes even warzones, and they come back with amazing, beautiful, well produced footage every time. If you want to know what good documentary footage should look like, watch No Reservations.

Recently we read that Mr. Bourdain and crew have a new show called Layover that’s being shot with Panavised Sony F3′s. We can’t wait.

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