The Death of Radio Bandido: A Chicano Mystery

A few years ago we started working with an excellent Bay Area Filmmaker/ production jack-of-all-trades by the name of Pepe Urquijo. THEN he decided to move to New York City to further his education so we didn’t see him for awhile… that is until this spring when we had a gig in New York City and we reached out to Pepe to give us some names because we needed assistance on the shoot. Like the champ that he is, he offered himself (even though were pulling a 6am to 9pm day). Pepe is solid.

The Death of Radio Bandido: A Chicano Mystery is his latest documentary about…

Oscar “Bandido” Gomez was a radio activist based out of the University of California, Davis who roamed the Golden State like the famous social bandits of a hundred years before.  He was a hero, a voice for human rights in the U.S. and abroad and exposed audiences to many struggles against injustice.  Oscar emerged as a citizen journalist with a loyal audience ranging from farm workers, neighborhood youth, activists, prison inmates, and college students…

In 1994, sadly, Oscar’s body was found on the shores of Santa Barbara.  The local police dismissed the case as an accident.  The more I studied the official recorded circumstances of his death, the more I realized it is filled with unsatisfactory explanations, unexplained conclusions and unanswered questions thus making the case of Oscar’s death a perfect example of the type of injustice and oversight that Bandido himself would expose through the media…

This documentary is not only a sincere heartfelt attempt to make clear the events of that night which led up to Oscar’s death but also shedding light on his journey from Baldwin Park to the unfortunate bluffs of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara.  Without fully comprehending the possibilities of what might have transpired that night and without fully appreciating the significance of the voice we all lost, we can’t possibly move forward.  Radio Bandido begins the process of moving in that direction.

For a full write up please go to the Kickstarter page where Pepe is trying to raise $22,000 for post-production, finishing, marketing, and festivals. This is a worthy project and we encourage you to support it (as we have ourselves).

For more info visit the facebook page, twitter account and wordpress blog.

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